Thursday, May 21, 2009

i can smell the freedom *sniffs*


CAN you smell the freeeeedommmm? *sniffs sniffs*

maybe you can't but I CAN!

today's the day that our mid year exams are officially over! bliss man! i have been waiting so long for this day to come and it finally came!

not having to cram my brain with Add Maths, Chem or Physics just makes me so "hepi"!
i dont have to endure studying stuffs that i dont like or dont get and best of ALL, it feels like i just finished taking PMB, just like last year!

i haven't felt like this...for such a loooooong time!

you know, the feeling of just being released from the cage after being trapped for such a long time!



hmm, what can i say about the papers? the papers were DAMN HARD, well~obviously. Seriously, i reallllllllllllly HATE PHYSICS! why do we have to study all this stuffs anyway? its not like i need to know exactly how much force i used when i picked up a book etc?!?

guess i'll just have to tolerate with physics until form 6/college. if i get to go into uni, i'll defo not choose physics as my main course!


actually, i have loads to blog about, but hmmm. i kind of forget them.

lemme rethink...



no.1: i finally found a blogshop that sells headbands! woooots! yeap, big bow headbands! not very huge but just sorta bigger than your regular sized bows. and not to mention, the seller is veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy nice. i wish all sellers could be like her. i will recommend you the blogshop sooner or later okay! ;)

no.2: the sellers are gonna post up my items today! WEETS! i'll have to wait for like 10 days max for the items to arrive. long ey? that's online shopping.

no.3: i managed to balance the final accounts! omg! it's pure luck i tell you! i was just simply calculating it and all, thinking which side should be which side..AND I MANAGED TO BALANCE! T____T

i wanted to cry that time, literally, tears of joy! *sniff* but i didn't. i just gave the ":O" jawdropping look! i overheard some people saying "yes!" quite loudly. guess we just can't help ourselves from being too happy eh?

i'm gonna post up some overdued piccys!

AND i'm gonna declare a "no pictures for a week" SOOONER or later! just to see how many of you guys actually bothered to read through my posts. >:)

check out my moustache! HOT aint it? ;)

it got a puny little heart stuck onto it!

hehehe, i did this myself! *boasting moment* i sewn the heart button onto the ribbon! it took me ages to do this!

its not perfect as you can still see some creases of thread on it. well, it is my first time afterall~

something i found humorous while studying chemistry.

this egg tart is by far the most DELICIOUS one i have ever tried! no joke! the outside is crispy and the filling is soft and creamy! its filled with love! it also contained corn, which is my favourite icecream flavour!

it was mother's day a few weeks back right? i went down to miri to celebrate it with my grandmama!

this was the cake they gave us at the restaurant! so nice right? i thought it would be simple looking and filled with loads of cheap cream.

honestly, it is very least it looks nice from the outside.

i like this picture, do you know why? check out the food! only the plate of food is not blurred! :D

my hair looks like its plastered onto my forehead.

hey! guess what! on tuesday, 19th of May, it was Chin Jaywen's birthday!


xoxoxoxox with lots of chocolates and marshymellows!

although we're not that close anymore and we dont talk that much, you are still one of my top friends and i know you know it. :)


and tomorrow's someone's birthday! i wonder whooooooo~


guess what my plans are for now? i'm gonna catch T.A.R.A later at 6 and tonight i'm gonna go get some beauty sleep and do treatment for my hair tomorrow! my poor hair's been in a bad condition lately. :(

that's why i dont tie my hair into a bun now.

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