Friday, May 22, 2009

happy birthday macsy.

Seriously, i reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy dont like it when people blog like this:

"I isshh sad w0rhs..budd i think iie will go biie happy, thank uue! budd..budd"

*stabs self*


it sounds exactly like a baby!

I know i have been ranting over these stuffs since last year but this time its different. last time you see these kind of words in friendster, now its in blogs! i was viewing blogshops as usual and i stumbled onto this blogshop....whose owner is 15 and.............

I COULDN'T STAND READING HER POST about her being scam or something like that.

i didn't even finished reading it! whoever can read past it, YOU ARE TRULY A HERO! *clap claps*

i wanted to spam her tagboard so badly! wait, not spam, advice, something like that.

"no offence, but can you stop typing like that? budd..worhhs..its irritating."

i nearly wanted to click "go" but i didn't 0:) thank goodness.

i know 13/14 year olds do that, but a 15 year old like me? someone who has learnt real grammar by that age? it blinds my eyes to see that. i jst wonder if they can do that in their own blogs, will they do that when they write compo?


its a waste of time to rant about these people's grammar cause they wont change it even if i tell them that right?


NONE other than...

*drum rolls*



HAPPY 15TH LAU AH MA! you said i was one too, now you are same like me! we are both old grannies!

i still remembered how we became friends! :D i think it was during mid year exams in form 1. we would hang around after exams because both of our parents always pick us up late. we would talk about the cgs HAHA to think of it,

who created this "CG" thing again? i forgot.

but i knew at that time, i didnt feel shy around you, weird :/ cause i would always feel that way around new friends. its like an instant click.

and then the days went by, talking about the grapes in the bottle that resemble us something *coughs* and jeremy's face all over seling's underwear :P LOL.

maria, you cheer up people in so many ways! be it talking about your funny/weird dreams, bitching about people, doing bimbo expressions and so much more! i reallyyyyy loved the red note you gave me. i still have it, in my memories drawer. :)



eh mar, i just realized all the piccys of you and me, we always have the same expression. SMILING. lets do something more special next time aites!

speaking of this, i just realized something. i had a dream about you and mich before, long time ago. it started off like this:

we three were at the fishmarket in a room where there's a tub filled with water. we were swimming and at that time, there were a lot of people joining us. suddenly, everyone was gone except for us three.

then, the security guard came in and asked us to leave because it was already late and the satan will come soon. i could hear the clock chiming. it was 6.00 pm.

after a while, both of you went to the bathroom to change leaving me behind alone. after you guys were gone, i sorta felt uncomfortable so i went to the bathroom to join you guys. maria was still inside one of the toilet doors.

i saw michee facing one of the toilet doors and i had no idea why. i tapped her shoulders but she did not reply me. i constantly called her yet she did not give any slight movement or reaction. just then, she turned her head and her eyes were "red/yellow" in colour and that gave me the shock of my life!

i asked "what happened to you? did the satan caught you?" just then, maria break open the toilet door and her eyes were also yellow in colour!

michee said it was too late to turn back. and then both of them started grabbing me and all until my eye caught an orange coloured baby johnson's shampoo bottle. i quickly grabbed it and knocked it against mich's head.

and that was it. the end of the story. i woke up feeling very scared and my whole body was shivering, LITERALLY!

MY GOSH. that dream was freaking scary man.

its over now *rubs sweat off forehead* it was long time ago, like last year? i can still remember it clearly.


lets blog about the first impression thing tomorrow okay? i wanted to do it today but my posts are all filled up with words. :P you better write nice stuffs about me or i will post up all the pics of both of us that i have never posted up! *blackmailling*


to think about having exams are torture..without makes my life just so boring. i have nothing to do at ALL today at home! yes, i went online, read blogs,visited blogshops played Exmortis 2, read 17 magazines, watch TARA, HBO..

and that's all.

HOW BORING! i want to go out!

HAHAH. i'm taking things for granted.

SO I LOVE MY LIFE NOW! WEEEEOOOOTS! thank goodness i'm going out tomorrow. \'-'/ YEAPPY!

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