Monday, April 20, 2009

weekends and lovely chemicals!

i have plenty of pictures to share! mostly, its pics of me :D HAHAHAHAHAHA

cause i was seriously bored in miri so wherever i go or whatever i do, i quickly take out my phone to snap here and there.

i didnt even take out my lappy to play. instead, i studied *cheesy grin*

anyway, i just came back from chem practicals. it was alright, fun like the usual.

we have to make the same solution like last week. how boring! after i'm done with my experiment, i goofed around with the remaining solution i had in the beaker. it was pinkish orange at first, but then i dipped more orange methyl colouring into it and also pour more acid(whatever that's called) and it turned BLOOOODY RED!

no kidding! so i took it around and asked random people "this is correct right?" with a smile! HAHAHA. obviously, i just want to piss them off lah!


today, during english period...

me: does my breath stink?
meithing: nooo
me: if it stinks, tell me okay!
meithing: okay, but you know if you brush your tongue it wont stink.
me: i never brush my tongue one!
meithing: ISIT? *gives the shocked look* you must brush it! at first, will be weird like you wanna puke lah..
me: *goes closer to meithing's face*
me: *whispers into her ear* meithing~~~does my breath stink now?
meithing: lilian.....teacher is looking...

EEP :X Mrs Shafee gave us both the weird + mad look! SHE MUST THINK...I'M...


and then the compo i wanted to do was "an unusual request" and i kept on asking meithing to give some suggestions.

so she asked me to write that a girl in my class likes me a lot and my friends are pressuring me to date her and all.

she said that was an unusual request.

imagine this: Mrs Shafee saw me and meithing doing that "weird" thing earlier and then i have to write this disgusting compo again! SHE MIGHT REALLY THINK im lesbian later!

but i'm not worried cause i know i aint one! :D

nature is wonderful.

on the way down to miri, the sun was scorching, i need shades to protect my eyes!

i like the lightning of this pic. dont my lashies look so obvious here? :)

i love my fringe in this picture...sadly..

GUESS WHAT? i decided to get some hair extensions!

yeah, its nice aint it? ;)





me and my grandmother!(L)(L)(L)

my hair was so looooong, well, for me.
pretty strawberry icecream

emo shots

remember this people:

if you're in miri. the best thing to do is to drive a huge and expensive car, be it BMW, MERCEDEZ, LAMBORGHGINI, etc

as long as its brand new and WELL, LOOKS CLEAN!

trust me, if you're driving a kalok car, you might as well, raise your hopes of getting a few dents in ur already kalok car!


1) i noticed the people there likes to honk at small cars. when my dad drove his pajero out, none honked at him. however, when my grandma drove her small proton wira, a lot of stupid impatient drivers honked at her!

give her a break, will ya? after all, she's a grandma already!

2) if you drive super expensive cars, they wont dare to cut your line as they are worried they will bang you! cause if they did, hmmm...lemme much would it cost if i bang a mercedez car? even if its only a smalllll ittty dent, im sure the cost will be high too!

but if a kalok car....well, you know the answer to that.

i bet if my dad drove his BS351 out.....T_T

i wasnt ready yet!

cannot see my labcoat! retake!

there! much better! we all look so smexy in our pure labcoats B)

pretty pink solution!

aaAAAhhhh~ *fascinated*

I FEEL SO BLISS today! *throw confetti*

no idea why! maybe its because i had lunch at home! i feel so homey! :3

i think i'm going to do that again! its the first time i went home and have lunch before practicals!

oh yea, my fringe is SHORT. :( boohooo! i liked it at first, but its so puffy in the morning! because its layered, it looks so messy! :( i miss my long fringe!

my aim now is to make my fringe super long until it can be swept sideways! (i think its gonna take 4 months) aw man!

i love bangs so much but my hairdresser said my face shape is not suitable for it! see girls, having a SQUARE SHAPE face is not good. (well, not saying it was good before)

bah, i can feel a headache coming soon. :X

and i havent study chemistry. till here then~

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