Thursday, April 02, 2009

one more time!

I AM SO IN LOVE with this song below!

click on it and listen! its so dreamy! *.*

it kills me!

it even made me wanna cry! HAHAHA. i know, all this fuss just over one song? but after watching the video dont you just feel this song's so romantic?

its a song from the korean drama series "boys before flowers" the other songs are nice too, but i personally prefer this the best! it melts me heart :DD

my gosh! *goes into la-la land and dream*

the song is played using piano! maybe i can go search various websites for this song sheet! OH MY!

I TOTALLY REGRET not watching this series! T_T i mean i did watch lah, but i only watch the first 10 episodes because i rather play with my lappy instead?

AND ALL THE GOOD SCENES just have to come out at that moment! :O

nevermind, youtube is always available.



i dont know why, i really like to drink shandy nowadays. its so nice!

once i come back from school, i would just reach for a can of ice cold shandy! im not kidding.

ITS LIKE EVERYDAY starting from last week? is it ADDICTIVE? cause its alcoholic! but it only contains like one percent of alcohol?


so i have nooo idea why im so addicted to it. its like after drinking one can, i need another one despo! even my dad complained that i took too much that he dont have any left to drink! i hope i wont be an alcoholic person :X

bah bah. till here then!

will blog....


like next time.



cmon! i know a lot of you lazy bum bums didnt click on it. unless you are not a fan of mushy scenes and korea, then you can ignore it.

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