Monday, April 13, 2009

ole' ole' lets have some fon fon fon due!

check out my title! :D

sound so cool aint it?

or maybe not.

okay, one question i wanna ask so badly :)

do i look the same in real life compared to my pictures?

anyway,chemical practicals are the bomb!

I love it! i loved that i made a pink solution with my lab partner, Jaslyn, altho it wasnt meant to be pink, its supposed to be pinkish orange. but after several tries today in the chem lab, we finally had the right colour!

and i started showing it off to Mrs Arul :D

HAHAHAHA. she said its the correct colour. *wriggles eyebrow*

and also i enjoyed it partly because we get to wear our lab coats. i feel so matrix-y when i wore it! dont you guys feel that? we all look like scientists and some people's lab coats were so fitting! it clings onto their body perfectly! :O

astaga! i want that too!

so yesterday, i went to mall with my 4s2 friends :) including one who was from 4s1AHAHAHAHA the smart class aka nerdy class. NO LAH NO LAH just kidding okay guys!

i tried out chocolate fondue for the first time! :D i know, so lame right, at least i tried it already.

i feel sorry for my dad, he only get a brand new tv when he was 18? IM SERIOUS OKAY. O_O when he was small, he didnt even have tv to watch! so cham lor! and he was also a newspaper boy! tsk tsk. at least his life changed for the better now!

bah bah pictures. i know most of you rather see pictures only! HMPPPHH~

bombdiggity! i love this picture! looks so mysterious.

vincent, the only boy there aka playboy (thats what Benjamin said ah)

first attempt, he didn't wanna look here. -_-

second, he was looking at me. -_________-

finally, he bothered to look.

michelle and me

i love the lighting of this picture! so yellow-ish

i totally love this pose :D



i satisfied my craving of wanting to eat tomyam udon!

you so have to try this in excapade! ITS THE BOMB. LITERALLY. HAHAHA. cause when you try it tastes soooo goooooood yet so spicy but still, DELICIOUS.

i think im going to try the seafood one next time. additional $1 okay! still expensive for me.

in charles and keith.

vincent should have sat in the middle so he would really look like a playboy that time.

ISNT THE softoy im holding uber cute? 0=)

the brown square pillow with the big red nose and small eyes behind me looks cute too! im serious okay.

actually, we're not suppose to take pictures here! *paiseh* but i managed to snap just this one picture before the saleslady warned us.

tartan mini dresses.

this so called "dan-dan" which is actually tartan is very popular in brunei nowadays! i saw a lot of ladies and males wearing it!

O YEH. me and sab's mission was to eat, eat EAT! and we did it! :D

first we went to excapade, then to swensens and stopped at cheezbox. three restaurants at one go. NOT bad ey?

chocolate fondue in swensens!

without flash....looks common ey..








pretty awesome right? and it made the whole dish more exquisite looking!

the candle below it made the dish look so romantic!

the chocolate was soft and warm~~~ *cozy*

I (L) mango flavoured icecream!

its soooooooooooooooooooooooooo yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmy :D

and the lime sherbet flavoured icecream was also good.

lookie the creamy chocolate melts in your mouth...

i can still see chocolate bits inside actually.

i saw vincent dipping his french fries into the chocolate i was thinking...

what if i do the same...? how would it taste?

i remember maria did this in mcdonalds too. she dipped her fries into her milkshake and i find it weird?

oh well, time for me to try it. even in the magazines, people recommended this kind of weird mix.

and it tasted NOT BAD.

i guess its quite nice actually, but im still not used to it. maybe cause maria had a cold milkshake and the one i had is warm cocoa. still, i liked the sweetness and salty taste mixed together! :D

i rate this 7/10.

in cheezbox.

meithing looks adorable here! this emoticon looks so horny yet, cute! -> =3


i have to start cracking my brains now! exams are coming soon. i so must not fail any subjects. im determined to do well in add maths and poa. my last poa marks sucked!


D. MATHS. i better pass.

i cant really concentrate actually, i'm procrastinating again cause this laptop is distracting me. my routine is, come back from school, take a bath, on laptop, play pet society and sorority life, update plurk, view me blog and me friends and then watch tv and do chores and it goes on and on.

studying will prolly be the last thing on my mind.

-________- HOW LEH.

the only thing i can do now to save myself is to STUDY. i wanna go study now to make myself feel better. i do feel better after studying cause i knew that i did made a move instead of lazing around.

ending this post with a picture of me!

YES. its edited.

blog next time!

petite valse francaise!

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