Sunday, April 05, 2009

a hairy matter

i know what kind of fringe-style i want already!

i never noticed my fringe was puffy until sabena told me. i thought it looks like everyone else's.

then after sab told me i started being self conscious about my fringe and noticing that other people's fringe dont look puffy except mine! :O

so i asked mich about it and she said its cause my fringe is layered that's why its puffy looking!

IM SICK of that now. :p


i'm going to grow my fringe long and then cut it-unlayered. i want bangs(not that overly thick one)and swept sideways! hoo-hoo! :D

i want it to look like this:

ok lah, maybe it looks like my current hairstyle...

difference is: the fringe is plastered onto my forehead, not like last time's one.

and i'm loving curls right now! such a bad timing for me to straighten my hair! boo hoo! but imagine, once i have my curls,

i'm afraid i will get bored of my hairstyle. :S

i get bored of stuffs easily.

and speaking of bored, i'm so bored right now cause i'm done playing with pet society and sorority life. :(

so i'm going to explain why makeup is the most powerful tool in SIMS 2.

DONT LAUGH OKAY. i'm just bored. :)

the average looking woman







can also turn to a pretty, glamorous woman with makeup

till here then.

tomoro's a school day. *sigh*

i love sleeping late B) although we waste a lot of time by just sleeping.


youre like my library card cause im checking you out.

*wink winks*

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