Friday, April 24, 2009


I have the mood to blog today, but its mostly about pictures and stuffs!

i spent the whole afternoon editing pictures of friends,celebs and more! it was so fun! it totally kills time! so people, if next time you dont have anything to do or whatsoever, play photoshop to kill time!

i was only editing urm..3 to 4 pictures only and when i look at the time, half and hour has gone! awesome right?

oops, reminds me of something..:X

the letter "S"

YES. STUDY. *groans*

hey, hey, i did study okay! hm, but it was only a revision. i SO do not have the mood to study but i persisted on it and i finally managed to get some infos in my mind!



its fecking awesome!


i love it!

the bangs and the curls complement her face shape really well! i want that hairstyle so badly! plus, her hair's condition is super good! the colour of her hair is pretty too!

it helps that she has a pretty face too *winks*

do you see why i want bangs so badly now! T__T

i dont want those super thick bangs, i want those which has gaps between it just like Demi's hairstlye except less thick.

i think im gonna ignore my hairdresser's advice and JUST DO IT!

i found this quote in the 17 magazine which i love so much!

"if you really want to do something to your hair, just do it. your hair is important, but it ALWAYS GROWS BACK."

YEAH! so if i suck with bangs i will just pin my fringe up everyday! HAHAHA or cut it! however, i'll have to wait till my fringe grows super long until i can part it to the side neatly. AW MAN.

i know i know, why cut your fringe then, lilian? my fringe was quite long enough before so i asked my hairstylist to cut bangs but she disagreed. OH WELLS.

thinking back, she must have thought i wanna cut the thick thick kind of bangs! should have told her i want the not-so-thick one! T__T

Ashley Tisdale's hair is lovely too! i dont want a fringe like hers but i like the condition of her hair. its super healthy! ^^

HEY! aint Mort cute? =3

hehehe, its the cutest thing alive!

except sometimes, the big eyes scare me! its okay, it still looks cute!

anyway, i mentioned i photoshopped some pictures of my friends and some celebs right?

here are the photoshopped version:

i'm lazy to post up the before pictures of my friends. i mean, i posted them up before already. :p go click on my archives and find them patiently then.

this is demi's photoshopped pic.

i made her lips and her dress more pink and bubblegumish! her hair was made lighter. overall, i preferred the original version but i like her hair now. its so much more autumm-y looking. :)

as for ashley, i love her hair colour in the photoshopped version. her auburn coloured hair is not bad but i must say, her dark brown hair mixed with the blonde hairlights look amazing!

however, it made her look older than before. :X with her auburn coloured hair, her skin looks more brighter!

now for my friends pics!

i (L) this one! we look so western in this picture! hahaha, prolly cause of the yellow colour? AND check out our cheeks! ^o^

astaga! our national day uniform is PURPLE in colour! :O

HAHAHAHA! i wanted to make it pink but cannot lah! maybe can but after trying so many times to make it pink, i ended up with the colour purple!

not bad ey? if only our national day uniforms were really purple in colour :)

till here then!

villanuella! (L)

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