Thursday, April 09, 2009

damn stupid

i am seriously the most stupidest person in the world!!!!!!!!!!!


i was typing stuffs out in sims 2, and all of a sudden...

whatever i typed out are in numerical form and not in alphabetical form!

well, not all just some like u i o p j k l

they all turned out like these :- 4 5 6 * 1 2 3

WEIRD RIGHT! I WAS SO PANICKED OKAY! i thought my keyboard went cuckoo or something or maybe rosak just cause i wipe it with a slightly wet cloth before that!

and again, i thought it was maybe a malfunction or something, so i restarted my lappy a lot of times before i got furious and pluck out the cable and started screaming and complaining to my mother. also i cursed the computer technicians! LOL

then when my brother came back(the fatty)i showed him what's wrong and he was shocked too.

he asked "eh, why when you type out all the stuffs its all the one in red colour one?"

HE WAS RIGHT. the stuffs i typed out are all the red small characters one.

turned out i activated the number lock instead of the scroll lock while i was wiping my keyboard.

I FELT SO NOOB. =_______=

ALL THAT anger for nothing.


to tell the truth, my keyboard is very dirty. i see a lot of black bits underneath the keys and a small piece of chicken skin! HAHAHAAH. NEVER ever eat in front of your laptop.

lesson learnt!

ima gonna buy a keyboard protector next time.

this was a close call. thank you to my *coughs* fatty brother. :)

oh yah, tomoro we have school T_T so sad right.

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