Friday, April 17, 2009

by the lake, love.

i havent updated for days!

this is so unlike me! i wanted to continue being on hiatus till i've got something more interesting to blog but i just cant resist to see my blog so...DEAD.

SO, here goes nothing!

yesterday, cikgu amelly showed my class and the 4s1 students a video about taking care of the environment and those cute little cartoons in the video said, "to reduce uv rays from entering our body, we must not use too much CFC" (chlorofluorocarbon) which is usually found in fire extinguishers?

IS IT found in RIDSECT also?

cause lately i have been using Ridsect a lot! speaking of ridsect, its a pretty nice name.


HAHAHA. its just that they threw away the in and keep the sect!

back to where i stopped,

i read from a magazine, smelling too much insect poison aka ridsect can cause women breast cancer! :X


i never cover my nose or my mouth when i sprayed ridsect! but now i do! its so untolerable! the smell is super strong and it stings my nose!

and today! i saw this which results me in spraying a huge amount of ridsect gas all over my house:


when you look closer:



and its outside my room again!

*pray that there's no survivor*

my mum swept them away without even using a teeny bit of ridsect! i wonder why! it would be fun to torture those sickly ants once in a while. *evil smile*

i know ants do no harm to us, but they just look EW! they dont look pleasant to me okay.

wait, dont think ants do nothing to you, they can crawl inside ur ears and then prolly make you deaf! unless you have a lot of ear're safe. what about it crawling inside your body parts...for example, the places where you have holes for it to enter!

CAN YOU BEAR THE PAIN of an insect crawling inside your body??

so far, i only found an ant stuck outside my ear, not inside. *phew*


pet society.

trust me, the pic looks so much better when its blurred. :)

this is my pet, PINK POLKY.

i know i know, it doesnt LOOK PINK.

maria & michee have asked me: why is it named pink polky when it isnt pink?

HAHAHAHAHAAHAH! EH! the ears are pink and the nose is pink mah! besides, my house is all pink! that's why its name pink polky!

i LOVE pink! i really like pink stuffs nowadays! last time, i wasnt really into pink stuffs, i liked light green more than pink!

i think i'm gonna collect more pink stuffs!

so far, i've got a pink vaio laptop :D a marooney pinkish pencil box, a pink mouse, a pink wallet and...that's pretty much it.

i have my eyes on the Canon E1! it looks so pretty! of course, beauty aside, the functions must be good too right? if im not busy, im going to go google it someday.

i'm tempted to get canon e1 in pink! but the white colour one looks so sophiscated and pretty looking too! :(


i've just got a laptop so i cant ask for much now. it costs BND$385! i pressured my mum into letting me buy it! hahahaha! she said she will buy it for me if i dont make her angry for a month! but i made her mad a few days ago, so its gone anyway!

or maybe i should save my money from now december! i can get $400! $50 from my mum per month for tutoring my little brother...oh la la!

we shall see...:)

i was studying physics halfway when i spotted my cute little bear so i snapped a pic of it out of boredom!

i was supposed to go to school today but i didnt. i was feeling very lazy and super tired. however, i did get a good night's sleep! :D

i woke up at nine in the morning! super energetic!

i didnt go to school today mainly was to study physics and finally after three days, i managed to study finish physics! (but i'm still not sure about it) the first two days, i was like...studying while playing computer, so, i didnt do much revision.

since i have a lot of free time after im done with physics, i decided to heed jaywen's advice of rubbing slices of cucumber on my pimples!

there's not much change, well DOH! i just started! must do it everyday then only you will get the results mah.

i also follow sabby's advice and put raw white egg on my blackheads! HAHAHAHAHAHAA

i know i'm so jobless!

this is how i look like when everything's been placed on me..

its a...





but im still gonna share it with you guys :)

i dont mind showing my hideous pics..


you can see a pimple situated on my chin! >:(

i never had pimples on my chin! wonder how come nowadays got one!

so cien lah!

it will be gone in a few days or so anyway :)


i think im going to stop here!

writing such a long entry is fun!

i'm going to do it again some other day!

off to play pet society and sorority life now!

OH yeah, im so soi in sorority life nowadays, those western girls keep attacking me non-stop! i think i'm gonna have another depression...T_T

boo hoo!

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