Wednesday, April 08, 2009

boogiee woogie baby!

i am such a...


i keep on delaying stuffs such as

-doing braces

I have been talking about this since the start of last year? Heck, im not kidding. go check my january archives 2008 and you will for sure see the word "braces"

there's NOONE who wants to bring me to do braces :( i cant do in government hospital cause its too late. if i book an appointment now i will have to wait 2-3 years to do braces. i cant afford the wait! i'm already so bloody OLD. i need braces fast.

i am so sad T_T i bet until next year, i will still be talking about this.


i havent even started revising my maths! blame it on internet! i keep on playing pet society and sorority life! i promised myself i will get cracking by friday...who knows if i will procastinate..

hope i dont~ *fingers crossed*

OH and lastly,

*does the eyebrow wriggle*

my brother is OVERWEIGHT.



in my family, noone is overweight before! not being prasan here or anything, but seriously, we are always skinny looking and hey, i dont like it okay. being skinny is not nice!

even my grandmother likes it when my brother is fat cause she claims that we are all so skinny, she wants to see some meat but she says its okay for me cause im a girl! :D


also, curse my fecking cuzzins!

they always make fun of me yet they are so fecking fat! AND of course, cause im nice i never said they were fat -_- i dont get them! i never even offended them, why must they offend me? maybe one day, i would stand up and say,

" shut up you fat jumbos "


i can be mean if i want to. :)

oh and another topic im going to skip to,

THIEN THIEN chicken rice(the kiulap branch) is seriously disgusting.

everytime i eat there, for sure the dishes i ordered will have a strand of curly or straight looking hair. SO fecking revolting okay!

i do want to complain, but because i eat there often, im scared later the filipinos waitresses wont be happy and will spit in my food for revenge! :X

better not cause trouble since they are quite polite i guess. :)

oh yeah, try out their laksa! its the bomb! altho i wouldnt find it weird if you complain there's a piece of hair in your soup! *pukes*

i wonder why it looks so curvy....

anyway, this is a really long post so i'm going to stop here.

i can assure you guys that i will have more updates by the end of this week :D

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