Monday, March 09, 2009

v'room vroom VROOOOM :D

hellu peeps!

notice anything different about me? :D

hahahahaha. um...i will tell at the end of this post.

i went to miri on Saturday and i'm back!

If it wasnt for my lappy, i will be bored to death.

OH YEAH! speaking of my lappy,i am once again addicted to sims 2! i dont get it. you see..

my sims, tank grunt(the handsome army boy) dated Tara(my another sim) since they were in their teens. Tank's dad married Tara's mum but if you play sims 2, you should know clearly that even if they got married, tank and tara can still date and not be brothers and sisters. So why when they grew up, they cannot get married? They can't even bloody flirt! All they can be are best friends or have a family kiss etc. I AM so sad about it.

I mean they went steady...were together for such a long such a pity. :( and now he's married with someone else...


pearl milk tea.

i am so happy today.

DO you know why?

firstly, i ate the SPICIEST NASI LEMAK EVER! i'm serious. i can tell you guys, i can stand chilli sauce but not that much lah. However, this nasi lemak's sambal sauce brought tears to my eyes! I'm serious. I even screamed in pain that time. LOL.

fyi, my mum brought it somewhere from a stall at Tutong.

hahahahaha. i know right, happy for that? Hey hey, its nice to feel the heat at times okay. :D

also, i finally rode this:

I DONNO WHAT THIS IS CALLED? a motorised buggy-cycle? LOL. my dad called it a motorcycle. well, it has a motor...

IT WAS SO FUN! however, its kinda not worth it. $10 for 20 mins only you know? Unless its for half and hour then i'm okay with it. There were a lot of people playing with it that time.

its not that hard to control but at times, it can be quite scary to play it especially when you drive too fast cause you will lose balance and maybe that buggy will turn upside down and you will fall off from it. LOL. BUT NAH.

i didn't fall. *smirks*

cause i'm the best.

Pestering my bro to take a nice picture :p

zoooooom zooom with my little brother~

done with it! :D

feeling real contented after trying it out. :)

oh and don't ask why i'm in my p.e shirt. its comfy you know! Suitable to wear for long car rides.

YES. so what if its my first time? hmph! or i'm making a big fuss out of it?

neh ni bu bu!

i like to try out these kind of stuffs!


this is what we should be doing everyday instead of moping around at home. :(

i cant wait to earn lots of money to buy myself a Digital Single Lens Reflex and then TRAVEL AROUND THE WORLD with it!

at the same time, i dont want time to pass too fast.



mum: does maria have a boyfriend?


AND MY MUM VIEWED MY PHOTOS! she was smiling again when she viewed it. AND ISIT CAUSE SHE SAW THE PIC OF ME GRABBING SZEKHAI'S CHEST(fake pose)?


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