Saturday, March 14, 2009

the torture


i am so tired now. Practically dead. this year's crosscountry was TORTURE for me. I dont get it. The past few years, i managed to finish the race on time..(or so i think) but this year, i can't. ohwell~

i didnt eat breakfast this morning and that made me feel unwell when i was going up the stairs. actually, i felt okay before, but after completing 1/4 of the trail, i felt very dizzy, the surroundings were getting more brighter and patchy felt like i was gonna faint. thankgoodness i didn't. 0:)

and also, i didn't brought water!

Lesson learnt: eat breakfast in the morning and bring water.

i even puked :x

am i disgusting you people now? lol. the air went into my stomach and made me feel uneasy. that's why. aaron soon PUKED too! xD wahahahaha! at least i wasnt the only one who puked. the only people who saw me puking was cikgu sheikh and miss mary, no other people. OH WAIT! Maria saw it too!

Speaking of maria, she was very very fast today. Sorry maria 0:) i was so slow and therefore made you slower. thanks maria! She kept on encouraging me to walk and dont stop. also, she waited for me for a very long time. :p

MY GOODNESS. at that moment, i felt like dying, literally! i felt soooooooooo tired. my legs didnt wanna take another step! somehow, i managed to finish the route. :)

like Maria said, "barely." yeah. i barely finished it.

anyway, i had mentioned that i'm very addicted to pet society right?

so..let me introduce my cute pet mouse, Pink Polky! ^^


HAHAHA. jkjk. this is not her real eyes ah! michee said it looks alien-y. somehow, i find it rather cute. those big eyes and all. i bet this is why maria doesnt wanna join pet society. she thinks its too cute. :x

LOL. this is cute too. :)

have i mentioned how much i love Vinesh's pet, Vinny?



weehoo~too addicted to it. too bad my mum have to bring my laptop out to reinstall the internet download manager thingy BECAUSE that technician didnt install it fully. he only installed the trial one. wth man! i can't even download anything from the internet.


i will go rest now and rethink why i puked green water just now when i didnt even drink any green water this morning..weird. :/

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