Saturday, March 07, 2009

a singlet issue

i think guys who wear singlets under their shirts look so cute. :p

I'M SERIOUS OKAY. i dont see a lot of guys in my class wearing singlets you know. Except for Izzudin(sp?) He caught my eye. LOL.

its very rare for me to see guys wear singlets under their shirts nowadays because they reckon its lame and sissy? i think it makes a guy look so innocent and cute~ 0:)

this is not kundur minded right. Singlets are very easy to see under our transparent school shirts. and since i dont see much guys wearing singlets, that's why i find it rather suprising that only one guy in my class wear a singlet. He even wore it in a PE attire!

such a mama's boy!

anyway, i just wanna say


i love my pet mouse. (L)

ps: michee, when shim came online, i thought it was you at first :p cause you two have the same bunny emoticon. dont kill me 0:)

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