Thursday, March 19, 2009



I LOST my sims 2 cd.

what a way to start the holidays :(

without my sims 2 cd, i cant play sims 2! i have searched everywhere for it but i just cant find it! i dont even wanna buy another one! it costs like $16 for the whole set and i dont think the shopkeeper will even allow me to buy one cd only.

lets just hope that i can find it...later.

anyway, to celebrate the opening of holidays, i went out with my friends to mall yesterday! weehoo! :D how i wish brunei has more entertaining places. what other places can we go instead of mall?

We went to escapade for lunch and i finally satisfied my craving for tomyam udon. it was soooooooooooooooo gooooood. *rubs tummy*

oh! i will never forget how i found the gang in escapade! i was walking around and peeping inside each rooms looking for them and then i saw this weird korean wannabe guy sitting outside the room and staring at me so i turned away and reached out my phone to call maria . then i heard his voice! it was BRUCE!

HAHAHA. his beanie wah! makes him look so different okay.

michee looks like she's eating her top's ribbon.

two lovable people~

including me which turned out three lovable peeps!

hahaha, the ching chong poses. except for sabena. btw maria, you look so bimbo here.

totally candid.

jaywen's posing for the cameras.

i loike this picture. B)

matrix in the making! dont you think sabby's outfit look so matrixy?

we're models in the making y'know. HAHAHA. maria you have such spooky eyes.

mich is posing sabena is laughing and...i have no idea what i was doing that time..


i was taking a pic with michee then maria suddenly grab hold of my leg! HAHAHAA

wasnt ready yet?

fyi, my teeth looks extremely white in here. B)

who's scarier...


or mozart?

personally, i find beethoven scary. i mean..he looks like he's frowning and also, he has a lot of wrinkles. mozart looks like o.o

HEHEHE! i love the colours of this picture! it was taken under the bright sun, that's why the colours look so strong!

check out yo mamas from the hood!

the girls got crazy over bruce's beanie..

michee with it; edited


jaywen; edited

un edited.


singing while vaining

maria joined in the fun

check out my lashies B)

hahaha, maria you look so effin cute here!

michee this picture of you reminds me of jessica(underage-girl) now i know why! your eyes look like hers! she also has kitty eyes~rawr~

hugging my twin sister

the others werent paying attention. *sobs* check out bruce's beanie. KOREAN-ISH aint it?

yah, this is edited too cause the original pic looks very blur. i dont really like editing pictures..i prefer it to be natural. but on cases like this..editing is a must.

maria hugged a toy..

REMEMBER. maria is not a cute person. HAHAHAHA. by that i mean, maria doesnt like cute stuffs so yeah.

BUT THIS TYPE IF TOY IS NOT CUTE! i wanna see you hug a fluffy teddy bear, mar!

however, you have to admit. the big black eyes are cute arent they?

comparing whose tongues are the longest. i think i can see my saliva dripping out in this pic..can you guys see it?

EEE! dont be disgusted. lol.

guess what i did on the first day of holidays?

i woke up at nine plus in the morning today and went back to sleep until 1 pm. AMAZING AINT IT? however, i dont want to continue this routine everyday...not bad for my health and also..resulting in insomnia. :X

nothing much to do at home...

OH YA! i can ask my mum to bring me and do braces! i cant do it in miri anymore :( i bet the doctor is really mad cause i havent called him to make an appointment for like months! i like my dentist. he's patient and really nice.

NOW I HAVE TO CHANGE cause my dad finds it troublesome to go miri once a month just to tighten the braces. My mum urged me to go to RIPAS to do braces. i'm just worried whether they are good...

Brenda said hers was a very rough doctor. i dont want rough doctors! see what i meant? if you have hopes of becoming a dentist.


HAHAHA. JK. at least just be soft. soft AND sissy is the same isnt it?

its now 5 my, how fast time passes..

i think i'm going to pig out tonight and watch movies all day now that i lost my sims2 cd.


NOT TO MENTION! my mum is bringing my lappy out to have it fixed...shit man. how intolerable it is without computer for days. i better go look for my sims 2 cd again. without it, life is seriously boring.

i like to burn people in sims 2! HAHAHA. sadist right? but its really fun to see the simmys screaming like hell asking for help! LOL.


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