Friday, March 13, 2009

mummy 41st birthday


yesterday was my mum's 41st birthday! I wanted to blog yesterday, but was too tired to.

i TRIED to plan a suprise for her partly worked and partly failed. Worked because my mum thought we bought her donuts which were actually small little pretty cakes (:

FAILED because my kepo little brother just have to tell my mum we bought donuts for her which also means she knew we planned a suprise for her already...

HOWEVER, ITS GREAT! my mum loved the cakes, she thinks its pretty and she was very very very happy last night. :)

I felt so wonderful last night. like i had done a good deed. heh.

sadly, i'm not really careful before the big preparation came..

i dropped the small red heart cake which is oh-so-pretty onto the floor. i feel like smacking myself that time but thank goodness, it wasn't that squashed, just a bit messy.


this was meant for my mum actually cause this cake has the brightest colour of all, and most importantly, its a HEART shape! :D

ta da~its saved by smarties but looks too kiddish for my mum so i gave it to my little brother.

after arranging the cakes, smarties and making it look pretty..


i didn't planned on adding the candle really, but i think it looks pretty with it, so just before my mum came home, i called my dad and asked him to buy just ONE candle. LOL. wonder if it cost any money. :S

OH YEAH. and the cakes i bought are using my own money you know! :) that's what makes the occasion so special!

psst, can you see the "41" engraved by urs truly on the cake?

this is MINE! xD

oh, and also, i tried out korea food for the first time at this restaurant called Pines..something..

the atmosphere is so pretty! it looks well-decorated! loved it! and the toilets too ;)

grilling gouchi?

this picture looks nice. :D cause it blurred the front part and cleared the behind. did you notice that?

we burnt it because at first the waiter helped us grilled it and left it there and we thought he will come back and serve us but after a few mins, my brother noticed it was burnt. -_- and the waiter never came back.

however, its still eat-able.

We took a family picture excluding my dad cause he was taking the picture for us.

hoo-hoo nice food makes me happy!

look at our table! there's a LOT of food.

its cause of the free appetizers they gave us. we should have considered, you know, coming to this restaurant and ordering a few drinks and plates of rice and just eat the free appetizers. :P NO LAH NO LAH. jkjk!

lookie my sushi~

can you believe it? sushi in a korea restaurant?

my bro took this.

omg! my eyes are really one big one small. actually, its not cause of the mascara or eyliner but its cause my eyes are naturally one big one small.


this is for szekhai if you're reading this..0:)

dont get mad k. if you're considering wearing contact lens, this is how it looks like. :)

i feel so sad to throw my contact lens away..its like everytime i have this heartbreak feeling. LOL. maybe that's just me. i wanted to tear it so badly but i didnt because i love it. :(

okay, im off to play pet society now!


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