Friday, March 06, 2009

mall outing!

Please dont kill me! i lied about having tons of pics to post up. :X

i thought i took lots of pictures. oh well, i can do this deed again next time when i'm out with my friends! (:


OH. SECOND THING. i do not know what the initials DSLR stands for.


AT LEAST I KNOW ITS A CAMERA! a big big camera!

its so pretty looking even if its big. i think it looks hot on girls. who say it looks hot on guys only? it can look hot on girls too you know!

HAHAHAHAHA. i will wait till im done with form 5 and then i will buy this cam and travel around the world with it.

I think almost all of my friends have blogged about this mall outing already.


my pineapple juice! it's good.

oh yeah, is it just me or are the philippines waiters' accent hard to understand? this waiter was asking me whether i want my drink "hot or cold?" he also said it in a very fast way so it sounds like um. "HORROCOU" yeah. something like that.

okay lah, maybe IT IS JUST ME because vincent understands it. guess i have some hearing problems now. :X

I LOVE THIS PICTURE A LOT! I like how it blurred michee from behind and made me and maria look clearer.

we have pink lips in this picture.

mei thing~ i still have the picture of both of us that you dont like! >:)

1 2 3 4 5 6 HAHAHA such bimbotic poses. (A)

take one- michee's not smooching

take two, maria's face is cut off

take three- maria's not concentrating

take four, everyone's smooching BUT TAKE a look at my very very sparse eyebrows. i really need an eyebrow pencil pronto.


this is so random. LOL.

BAEWEI the womanizer! *rawr*

btw, have you noticed how man bae wei is? check out his legs! he never closed them. its always open. this proves bae wei is "tulen".

i dont know what pose this is called. everyone have their own poses that time.

maria looks like a boss lady and jaywen look like she's filing her nails but truth is, she's actually playing with her phone.

we intro you and white!

the wafers belong to us!

it looks plain.

i was fascinated by the pretty toilet.

i love pretty toilets. :D

exams are already over! I AM SO LAGGY.

hum. about exams, nothing much to whine about except for D. MATHS. D maths confirmed FAIL. just hope i get some pretty marks for the rest of my test papers. (:

i dont get why some people love to slam their pens onto their tables while they are doing their papers. i mean it scares the hell out of me. what for they do that? stress? or its a habit thingo? i dont know. you tell me.

anyway, im out of things to blog, so till here!

off to play pet society :D

always live life like there's no tomorrow!

i still miss national day practices :(

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