Wednesday, March 25, 2009

just gimme one more time....

PET SOCIETY is killing me right now!!!!!!


number one, i keep falling down in the hurdles race and i m so f piss! o_o i know i know, its my own fault but I just cannot stand it, have to blame someone!

number two, i have noooooooo idea why i just love to type out soceity INSTEAD of society! SEE i typed soceity again its just that i edited the mistakes!

*scolds vulgar words uncontrallably*

SEE WHAT I MEAN? i was so pissed that i keep losing in the hurdles race that i immediately shut down the whole window! i'm usually good with the hurdles *prasan* but i just dont know why today i just seem to suck in it.

chill chilllll..

anywaaaaays, i went out with michee and sabena today to catch the movie, "a race to witch mountain". altho it was premiered like a week ago, there were still a lot of people watching it. i thought it would be like ten people or less.

Dwayne Johnson is such a hottie! psssT~ i kept on staring at his muscles~they're so big! *blushes*

OH YEH. i always thought Dwayne Johnson was a black guy cause in the movie, Gildron Gang, he has a black mama. now i found out from michee that he is not a blackie (i heard this from mich but i am so certain that i heard the wrong thing)

HEY HEY. i never think that he looks like a blackie okay! i always thought that he look sorta latino? :p

Somehow, michee just cant stop talking in the cinema that time! LOL.

she kept saying "ooooooooh, ahhhhhh, im starting to find blacks hot nowadays..except for chris brown" AND i rmbered she said that chris brown was the only black guy she thinks is handsome. tsk tsk!

i did recall me yawning a bit while watching that movie. i donno why. perhaps i didnt get enough sleep?

WOW. a lot of words.

so moving on to the piccys! I didnt take much pics! :( i think sabena took quite a lot? nvm, i will go to her blog and rip them off! >:)

we had lunch at fleur de lys!

fancy name. fancy food. fancy waiters! that's my fettucine carbonara. i had a hard time pronouncing the word "fettucine" and until now, i still do not know how to pronounce it properly. :(

HELLLLO SABENA! who managed to come in the end! :)

taking pics in the hot sun will result in this HAHA but you gotta admit that my hair is DA BOMB in this pic ;)

sabby looks like an angel in this pic! doesnt she? 0=) <--i so have to use this smiley just for once! in the cinema; can you see 1/4 of mich?

my bro asked: did michee use lipstick in this picture?

the sunlight makes this picture so much nicer!

awww man! *pouts* i should have just stand at the very very last staircase then it would look so much nicer!

marching up~

then its off to huaho for a little window shopping!

we become little kids for a day!

xiao michee xiao lilian xiao sabena!


ps: xiao michee just cant stop showing off her calamansi drink XP

look at the softtoy i'm holding! uber cute aint it?

sabena's molecules are changing :O

then its off to piano class.

this cupcake is so adorable!

some cupcakes look good but they dont taste good. Suprisingly, this taste amazing! it was very soft very chewy! YUMMY! =D <--i just wanna use this again!

i digged into it deeply and i saw this! =D oh la la! chocy?

NAH. its some sort of plum filling. YUCKS.


*whew* even when i'm at my piano lesson i couldnt even concentrate in playing those scales. I was like half dead half alive. HAHAHA. BUT IT ISNT AS BAD AS CROSSCOUNTRY!

im gonna take my piano grade 3 practical this year! :D oh my! i am so excited! i rather be grade 3 than grade 2. -_-

i know i know, im fifteen already and im still in grade 2. sure, i know, its okay because i just started learning, but hey! I STARTED LEARNING WHEN I WAS 8????? So i should be like in grade 7 now or grade 5 at least! T___T

the grade 3 pieces are absolutely lovely! its mostly slow and sad songs, heck! i love those kinds. cant wait to play them!

till here then! off to bed. gotta sleep early or i will have deep under-eye circles! eek!


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