Monday, March 23, 2009

hello goodbye.

I dont know why but it feels like forever since i blogged!


i know, its only like, three days only, but still! i hate it when my blog looks so dead. also, its cause, my life lacks interesting events so why bother to blog?

unless you guys want to hear my everyday life which is for sure an absolute no.

anyway, today i went to kiulap with my family. do you know everytime you're at the first floor aka the"women's department" you can see A WHOLE LOT of women's undergarments on display? and also, they provide a tv for you to see girls in undergarments?

i wonder how many of you peeps take a look at the tv huh!

hahahah, mind you, i do look at it too but after a while, i dont bother already. i mean there isnt much to see. they keep repeating the same stuffs over and over again.

i just wonder whether guys do the same or the opposite... 0:)

when my mum went and ask a saleslady regarding something, i saw this guy standing outside a fitting room looking very awkward and nervous. i got closer to him and i noticed he's actually reading a poster that shows women how to wear their undergarments the right way.

HAHAHAHA! okay lo, this is normal but somehow, i still find it weird okay!

i think guys will find it very embarassing to stand near the undergarments section, do they?

another mystery yet to be unsolved. :)

nowadays, i pretty much like black and white pictures as you can see right now...really!

i kind of like it and kind of dislike it. Like it cause it looks very pretty, it gives you some sort of soothing feeling and it looks sophiscated too.

Dislike it cause it looks like dead people y'know. i was doing a slideshow of my black and white pics i took recently and i added in some sad music and it really sounds and look like someone who has died or something especially when my picture suddenly came up!

CHOI CHOI CHOI *touches wood*

still, its pretty. :)

ah, before i go, i still want a DSLR. no doubt. eventho if it costs that expensive, i'll still buy it.

digital cam yes. DSLR yes! both are important.

anyone wanna be my model if i manage to get a DSLR? :D

that doesn't mean i dont like colours in pictures.

its just and white..have a feeling...that doesnt need to expressed much.

WTH! I SOUND SO fecking emo.

the result of staying at home for long hours.


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