Tuesday, March 31, 2009

delidrum-drum drum

you know what?

1) i think tall people should be ban from sitting in front on the class.

I dont get it. why do tall people like to sit in front and block everyone's view? maybe not everyone but certain people from certain angles. seriously, can you imagine if someone who is like SUPER TALL sit in front of the class and in the middle again! like super clashing okay!

you have to move your head 360 degrees just to see what the teacher is writing on the blackboard because some tall person's *roll eyes* long head blocked your view!

well, fyi, i'm sitting at the second last and right at the corner so i aint blocking noone's view. 0:)

maybe i'm blocking the person sitting behind me because i like to turn my head 360 degrees all the time. lol.

2) WHY DO SOME TEACHERS just love to write soooo small on the blackboard!

its like torturing us students sitting behind! we have to squint our eyes just to see the words clearly which will prolly result in increasing the degree of our eyesight.

is it veryyyyyyyy hard just to write normal sized words for just once? i mean what is it? what are those words? urgh.

JUST THINK. cursive and small handwriting is just PLAIN PLAIN....URGGGGGH!

3) FYI: if you dropped something unintentionally, you should always pick it up.

THAT includes teachers. i truly dislike it when i see teachers dropping the duster and they just dont bother to pick it up! i mean what? just leave it there on the floor for what?

is it something embarassing just to bend down on your knees and just pick up the duster? or is it an ego thing? really. drop something. look on the floor. walk away from the scene.



hmm. i'm not pissy right now okay! i'm feeling fine. nothing much....



I BANNED YOU. you cant do anything about it ey!


please. i dont get what your problem is but should i call you a psychologist to fix it?

but i dont think you can reply cause you have been banned. :)

ps: ki woong park has been voted no.1 fav korea male star in a webby! :D oh la la! he deserves it (L)

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