Tuesday, March 17, 2009

almost paradise...


for wearing shorts. well, its not exactly SHORTS. it is called three-quarter pants...

anyways, i just wanna thank my dad for bringing my jeans over! i mean he is always busy working yet, he bothered to go into my room and searched for my jeans even if he's busy. now thats what i call a great father. :)

i'm feeling quite moody today~

but i'm much much better now. perhaps its because i was doing my mib project and was really focused on it? maybe.

today is St Andrew's "A day without school uniform". Much unexpected, a lot of people wore casual today. :O me and sabby were the only girls who wore casual in our class.

how different. right. 0:)

it was fun seeing people walking around in colourful clothings. and also, i saw some seniors wearing national costumes! i like those saris and all. its so cool. B)

starting off with michey

then with MT

michee's printed socks + maria's heels! nice roite?

maria's not posing! :( but she looks nice anyway.

khai sashay-ing with the broom. HAHA. i wanted to take pic with khai cause he looked so RED today.

i bet khai wore this shirt on first day of cny! DID YOU? LOL.

random pictures coming up..

i like my hair in here

HA-HA-HA. i really like this pic..BECAUSE i look really happy in here and also my teeth looks white in here. B)

HAHAHAHA. i know, can see double chin, my smile looks fake whatesoever i dont CARE!

but im pretty much curious to know how many of you peeps laugh when you saw this pic.


i loveeeeeee my dad's cam phone! ^^

practicals today was actually SO FUN! i enjoyed doing experiments alone! oh, also with the help of fadli of course 0:)

poor vincent has heart attack! sorry, i mean heart-pain. LOL. his heart has this sort of sharp feeling whenever he breathe. i have it before but now i dont. my mum says its because i get mad all the time.

tsk tsk vincent. chill wah, emo bastard.


(in two days to be exact)

yeay! i finally can sleep late, play sims 2, pig out and watch movies and hang out with my friends!

i cant wait!

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