Friday, February 06, 2009

maria's open house

all i can say is...


i think there are more than 50 pictures. but they uploaded fast because apparently blogger is being really nice today. :D other than that, it isnt as tiring as editing the pictures, making them brighter etc..

anyway, as i stated in the last post, maria's having an open house and it was SOOO FUN!

actually, its always fun. never boring. ^^

thanks maria, for the delicious food! i love your mum's shepherd pie a LOT! should have tapao it back home, but *heh* that's not polite.

pictures, lots and lots of them~

michee lying on the tear!

resting on a teabag

michee's feet

us, looking like this after national practices

i tell you, i SUCK in wearing contacts. *sniff* i take like about 20 mins just to wear them? ok lah, maybe not that outrageous, perhaps like 10 mins? all i rmbered was..


HAHAHAHAHAAHAH. its true okay. i said that when i was in maria's toilet wearing my contacts. Luckily, it didnt dropped into the drain. *rubs sweat off forehead*

i changed my hairstyle...



i thought it looked really old at first, but after being convinced by the rest that i look fine, okay loh~ :p

its retro-ish.

my hairstylist was none other than, MICHEE! thanks butchy, you did a great job. wanna be my personal hairstylist? i will pay you handsomely! XP

oooh yeah, michee made up my cheeks too!

i really like my curls! heh heh heh

neh! the person with the crimpy hairstyle is my stylist.

feck hand spoiled the pic!

eating eating eating

pretty maria (:

both curls!
i have no idea why i did that expression. i dont like this pic but i still post it up cos i think it looks funny..

you have been photoshopped!
michee wants a kiss! someone volunteer! XP
sabby or should i say paopao

us girls, once again looking fresh

notice anything different in this pic?

if you cant see anything diff about if, you need glasses, pronto!


from top row: dt, szekhai,
second row, bruce, shim,vincent,
and then the girls~

LOL im sure you know who we are already anyway..

i hate ME in this picture! so fugly! but michee looks nice here so i may as well post it up with a star covering my ugly parts. (:

i look dRUnkZZ here i like the hair tho

HHAAHAHA self timer! LOL LOL! me and bruce blocked the others! i can still see maria, szekhai and lil bit of sabena tho~

hee.. then we're outside mar's house..playing with fireworks. (not literally)

chillihua(i spell it like that, dont laugh)

im can see that from my expression!
sab drinking mango juice

i wanted to take pic with szekhai so badly cause i like what he's wearing!

hmm, first attempt..cant see khai's face clearly!

wasnt happy cause shim keep taking bad photos!

not happy again cause shim was saying:

"your phone very laggy ah"



oh yeah i remembered something. LOL.

me: shim, help us take picture!
shim: okay! sure! *came and suddenly stood beside me*
me: *????*
khai: *burst out laughing*
me: errr..shim, you are supposed to help us take pic, not take pics with us..


yess, im vain and i know it!

then, we played the game of truth or dare. and this game was not well-liked by the boys. (:

who is that victim?

SHIM! HHAAHAHAHA! he was dared to hold bruce's hands! not that normal hold! its like the way you hold ur boyfriend/gf and then he had to swing bruce's hands three times in the air! bruce was really hyper that night. he doesnt mind being open that night! good for you bruce! :P

the boys then got interested in maria's mags especially bruce. he keep eyeing the fashion pages. wonder why?

khai joined in later..

and skhai's dare was so plain easy. he just need to hold maria's teddy and look at it sincerely into the eyes..easy huh?

poor bruce. he's like a doll. being hugged, held hands and all.

BUT! HE LIKES IT. ;) he volunteered to be hugged by d.t from behind boh! we didnt forced him with a lampo! we're nice people!

poor me, my dare was not easy. i had to touch khai's breasts. AHAHAHA. maria wanted me to poke it....but i didnt! i didnt even touch it! its just posing! :p so my dare was okay.

POSER BRUCE! i bet lots of girls are drooling over this pic now!

vain again..

muah my curls!

heh this was kind of candid i guess. cause i was snapping away and didnt take notice that this picture's being taken.

got even vain when i reached home..
like my hair colour? dyed it recently.


i like this pic!

bye bye curls! im gonna miss you a lot~ :( boo hoo hoo!

fadli and susan! candid!

sabena said curls make my face look chubby! HAHAHAHA! well, my face is already so big(no doubt, dont you see that im so skinny and that makes my face look so big! :(

but i dont care~ i love having curls..A LOT.

hahahahaaha, okay change of topic.

ive lots of homeworks to do now and i aint happy about it. hais~form 4 is hard too. i think form one is probably the best. everybody dont care about everybody. we werent that judgemental. we just be friends with whoever's nice.

i sound so mature now. eyseh! i was a lot more kiddish when i was in form 1.

"hahah, todae gt skul, veri fun..vincent/michee/maria was sho funny! i keep using the solar calculator to see him/her frm bhind! funi.."

that's how i wrote when i was back in form 1. sick enough to make you barf i know. at least i changed already! :D

and hm, just realized, I HATE it when people suddenly put fireworks! it scares the shit out of me! YEEESH.

till here then! i have to go do my physics, karangan, add maths :(((( and none other than...completing my chores.

lots of stuffs to little time..


ps: i just remembered that me and michee used to ask mr eric for opinions regarding our blognames.

mr eric: "if you want to name ur blog essence of beauty and you post up a picture of urself, then it really beats the purpose" HOW RUDE :p but heck, its funny.

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