Saturday, February 14, 2009

love love love

happy valentine's day! :D

im in such a loving mood today! HAHAHA. i donno why but that's just the feeling since yesterday. nope, im not in love or anything but i just feel that way.

heh. cause its valentine's day! i dont think it feels like some other day! i think it feels special! cause i wonder why valentine's day seem to be so popular around brunei but during christmas, NOT!

how unfair. perhaps there's a lot of loving people in brunei...

anyway, i got some lovely chocos and sweets from my friends! thank you, buddies! but i feel so bad cause i din get them any... T_T

i think i will go put some lime juice on my p.e. shirt now.

OH YEAH! someone stole my MARS choco, who was it? HAHAHAHAHA. nevermind lo~

dont be mean, today is valentine's day!

waitaminit, i rmbered something.

vincent: fuck you!


tsk. tsk. seems like he's not in a loving mood today.

look how terrible my skin is! white patches everywhere! especially around my eyes! SHIT MAN. the sin of wearing glasses. T_T and fug, i think my skin grew wrinkles! perhaps because i sleep so late everytime...

and plus i look so freaking brown. I HATE IT.

i swear i must get fairer right after national day's over.

till then, have a great valentine's day peeps!

its 12 AM now, loving day is officially over and here i am wishing peeps lagging..

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