Sunday, February 01, 2009

late moo moo year


after one week of surviving without internet in sibu, im back. :D

LOL. not that its bad without internet, but i totally get cut off from all the news happening around in brunei. heh.

oh, jaywen sent me this cny msg a few days ago which is so adorably cute! :D

"happy moo moo year"

i know there's others like "happy niu year" bla bla



what can i say abt cny this year?

it isnt as FUN as last year's.

its prolly bcause my cousin, Angel isnt here, didnt do much shopping, emily is always absent and the fact that i spent my first two cny days in the KAMPONG!

not complaining abt how kampong is very well. kampong. our kampong house is pretty nice, modern, clean but one thing they dont have is...AIRCONDS. yes. you know how suffocating it is without airconds?

it makes my hair frizzy, face oily and sticky. *wails* not to mention hoards of mosquitos and BEEESSS! BEES ARE SO SCARY MAN. the bees in the kampong look so fat and yellow-blackish looking! HAHAHA. my cousins kena bitten but thank goodness, im safe. it hates me. ;P or should i say, it loves me.

the good news is, after two days of spending our mornings and afternoons there, WE'RE OUT TO MODERN CIVILIZATION! :D

im making kampong sound so dull and disgusting. actually, its okay. just the lack of airconds(because ours were stolen by some native people) and mosquitoes.

that's all. but when its raining it feels cooling. :)

let me tell you, one thing that really really sucks is. the first day of cny, we should all look good right? nah. ngam ngam, there's a freaking red huge pimple popping out on my face just right under my eye. when i wear my specs it isnt obvious but cause i was wearing contacts ITS OBVIOUS. but since noone said anything about it, its goood. ;)

what a bad timing for the pimple to pop out. by now, its gone already.


oooooh yeah, i got loads of angpao money this year! :D should i tell you the amount of money i got? *sleazy look*

should i?

okay. i got RM380 plus! :DD i know, for some of you, it aint a lot, but for me, yes! its cause i dont go people's houses painien! my dad hates going pai nien because if you go to pple's house first, they will come back to ur house, so its like you get the money first and in the end you give back the money to them. boo.

i got all these money from my relatives *wink winks*

SO PEOPLE. go to relatives houses. they give the most. the least they will give to you is prolly $5? the most i received was RM110~from my grandma!


HAIS. because my cousin emily went back early so i couldnt go shopping with her. but i still managed to buy some stuffs. only teeny lil bit. :( not satisfying enough.

PLUS, i wonder why why why they dont sell makeup products such as stila, mac all those...last year my mum went to taiwan and there sells m.a.c but she didnt buy it cause my dad claims its too expensive. :((

ANYWAY, pictures right.

i know you readers will get bored of my typing. heh.

however i didnt take loads of pics this year. VERY LITTLE. wasnt feeling that vain.

you know its chinese new year when:

you eat mee sua on the first day of cny.

you see kiddies going over to the table non-stop to eat.

you see cars parked around ur house.

end. :)

actually i wanna add fireworks but i didnt take any pics of them because i was lazy.

three faces but same person.

i love emily's dress!

smile! my couz looks so cute here with her small eyes! who says girls cant look good with small eyes?

(recalling something) well, some.

being vain in the toilet. can you see my brown hair? ^^

dudes resting on the roof.
CANDID! I LOVE CANDID PICS! sure, we may not look good in them, but its always worth a laugh.
thank goodness i have my lappy with me in the kampong or i will be bored to death.

emo! feck that pimple under my eye. :(

all cousins :D excluding my uncle.

those were pics from the first day of cny.

i only have one pic from the second day which is this:
poser~ my mum sucks in taking pics! evn my dad complains. she only took 3/4 of me.

since we were in the kampong and not much people come to our house to painien, i didnt bother wearing my cny clothes. *sigh*

doing a lil shopping on the third day of cny!

forcing my couz to take pics with me but she didnt want! neh~

now she bothered but check out her "dont care" expression!

jofthan! cute..
but extremely naughty!

that's all!

very little picts right?

anyway, im so scared to wear contacts already! it hurts everytime i put in but afterawhile it feels okay. STILL! i wonder after so many times of wearing contacts, why am i still nervous everytime i wanna put it on? my hands will shiver like crazy..maybe im not those type of pple that suits to wear contacts. :(

yet i will still wear them. :D keep up the strength! giving birth is MORE PAINFUL! tomoro. not really looking forward to it. i still wanna celebrate cny..its not over yet. i still want to sleep late...but i cant. school and piano exams are coming soon, practices, national day....

my goodness. and i rather be a form 3 student. i SO do not get bio, physics and chemistry. i will fail science for sure. AND i havent even buy a lab coat! nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

I HATE MATHS. officially hate maths. i hate studying i hate HATE HATE! but one thing i like about school is, my friends are there. LOL. typical reason i know.

bah, till here then.

i still wanna go to random blogs and see their cny pics. i like to see what others are wearing. heh. heh. heh. see whether nice or not.

im like that okay~

guess what.....

can anyone make me up? MAKE up is by far more powerful than plastic surgery, people can look sooooooooo gorgeous with makeup! envy envy!

one thing i hate tho, girls who pile up on powder. really. its so see thru. that thick makeup everything. i would advise girls with good skin condition not to use foundation or powder, it makes ur skin look so fake. like rubber.

BAH. till here then!

lastly, happy cny again! even if its nearly ending...

and i had the best dream like, ever...

it feels cooling like this....

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