Friday, February 13, 2009

if you stop me, i will be very happy.


even if noone tagged these few days, i still have the urge to blog.

ANYWAY, my mum said that im qualified to go and get the icc prize thingy! you know, where pple who got 5a's and above for pmb...getting money and all..

i only got 4A'S so im not sure why they chose me. i knw, some of you may think it's unfair, maybe its just an error?

maybe just when i'm about to get the money prize, they will stop me and say, "eh? who are you? where got a Lilian here?


YES. maybe they will do that.

first thing when my mum told me about the news, i screamed out "WHY!!!!! T_T"

I AM SAD. cause i knew that i wont get chosen even if my mum submitted the form because its pretty clear that i only got 4A's not 5, so yeap. i was busy thinking about what to wear that night, what kind of makeup should i use..blabla..and then! *dum dum dum*

i do not want to wear a school uniform and to tie my hair and all, putting makeup with school uniform IS SO WEIRD. AND i want to wear my contacts too! i havent wear them for so long! i miss the feeling of wearing them!

nevermind lah~i will think of a solution then and besides, i dont think its even real. PERHAPS MY DAD HEARD WRONG. his english sucks.

currently, im in love with my dad's new phone. its an old model, but i still love it! ^^ i love the camera the most! even if its only 3.2 megapixels, it manages to capture stuffs very clearly.

dont believe me?

here's some pics to show you the proof. (no editing involve here! all au natural)

hmm, this one aint that clear.

i LIKE THIS! the sparkle is so nice!


i am so bringing my dad's hp out whenever i wanna take pics.

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