Sunday, February 22, 2009

icc pictures


not that my internet connection sucks, the pictures uploaded quite fast today, but its just that i thought the pics were a lil too small so i made them bigger, instead they turned up looking like low quality pics so i might as well upload them again in a smaller version.

that took me a LOT of time.

but im done! done! YEAY! *throws confetti*

yesterday, i went to this icc dinner/prize giving event. the prize money is a sum of BND$70! WOOOOTS! fyi, its a lot for me. :D

i think im gonna start studying real hard from today onwards. HAHAHA. yeah right.

OOOOOOH, i curled my hair TEMPORARILY for the second time, but this time its at a saloon.

i asked for this kind of curls at first..

but because my hair was not as long as the model's it turned out looking..

like this.

i know right, it looks old. BUT you havent see my "just curled" hair. it made me LOOK so retro. after a while, the curls loosen up hence making my hair look more natural and *coughs* not that old. EYSEH.

on the way to ICC~

the first pic i took was with...none other than michee.

this was a failed shot but i like the lightning in this pic. might as well post it up. :D

kundur mich looks so cute here! reminds me of a mouse

michee called this the "crinkle nose" pose!

*crinkles crinkles*

me and jessica (

dont you just think that michee looks so much like jessica in this picture? not to mention the pose again.

red eye. T_T


speak no evil, see no evil, hear no evil!

BIN BIN! :DDD too bad its blur~ *pulls long face*

leaving ur phone with a kid will result in this:


izni. (:

tired and feeling very COLD.

hehehehe i like this picture. i think my hand looks delicate in here. *looks around*

why my head so big from the top ah?

LAUGH LAUGH ALL YOU WANT. *hmph* i told my mum not to use this pic but she pian pian want to use this. URGH!

anyway, this morning i'm happy happy, because my curls are still ALIVE!

its not gone yet! weeehooo! so the $10 i paid for is well, worth it. but i think it will be gone by tommorow. my hair is straight so it wont last long.

it doesnt look like curls now. look more like waves.

resulting in a very calm and happy lilian :DD

TOMMOROW IS NATIONAL DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I AM SO SAD. T_T very very very very very very very sad.

nothing could express my sad feelings now.

LOL. i know, i dont sound sad right now, but later on...after tmr, i will end up looking like a *hmmmmm* a...person whose blood have all been sucked up by a deathly blood sucking wasp.

HAHAHA. bad description yeah? but seriously, i do not know how to explain it.

OH YEAH. this reminds me. yesterday at icc, me and mich saw a GONG GONG.(granpa) WHO IS SO SICKLY LOOKING. you know as in skinny, like those aneroxic people! *gasp* NOT TO MENTION THE FACE. his face is prolly the exact size as a new born baby! YES. THAT KUA ZHANG. im serious.

i think i can just crawl up behind him and squeeze his neck for 5 secs and he would be dead, pronto. LOL. oh shit. i laughed at what im typing now. SORRY SORRY, gong. you look cute but youre too SKINNY! eat more meat k! :D


hee. till here then.

my stomach is grumbling... :S

my parents plus my two brothers are out enjoying their dinner at a korean restaurant now. i wanted to go badly but didnt because:

1] i wanted to blog (eyseh)
2] dont feel like changing my clothes and comb my hair

SO I ENDED UP having a stomach that's grumbling non-stop. :(

OHWELL, the good news is they're tapao-ing something from tamu for me. how sweeet.



lets just hope, tmr will be a great day. *prays*


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