Wednesday, February 11, 2009

call me blackie's cousin.

vincent: so you spending valentine's day alone?
me: yeahh! you neh?
vincent: i spend alone.
me: ohh...
vincent: i spend alone every year everytime one..
me: *laughs*
vincent: very funny meh? you spend alone every year also wah!
me: *glares* HEY! dont later after 2 years plus, im already married, you're still single ah! i wont invite you to my wedding next time!
vincent: dont invite loh! even if you invite me i also dont want to go!
me: no, i will invite you but i let you sit near the toilet! HAHA!
vincent: better let me be the waiter!
me: okay!
vincent: then i can go put poison in your food!

and it goes on and on and on.


because we have to stand outside in the hot sun at the stadium! yesterday's weather was not bad but today's was BLAZING! i could feel my forehead burning, my face turning red and worst of all, me becoming darker.

I DID BECOME DARKER. this morning when i wake up, i looked at myself in the mirror and i could see my neck and my face became much darker than last time's. :(

my goodness! HOW HOW! maybe tmr i should wear those long gloves just like Sandy and a hat! maybe a handkerchief around my forehead too! HAHAHA! very garden-ish no doubt, but it sure prevents me from getting a heat stroke!

putting sunblock is a solution but i dont think it lasts long. after a few mins standing outside the sun, i could feel my sunblock fading away. and then, *dum dum dum* my skin became red-der.....

i so do not want to look dark. just imagine our F3Y 08 class photo...remember 3y peeps? someone looked really dark that time.....*cough coughs*

however, its not so bad out there cause lately, i got dazzled by a certain cute guy who has really long nice eyelashes! *_*



go see pretty girls' blog then~

i like to view pretty girls blog! its nice to see pretty pics of them.

here's one who reminds me of jaslyn!

ciaos. if you dont think she's pretty, feck you.

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