Wednesday, February 04, 2009

bring me away.



NOT. you knew i was gonna trick you right?!? HUH?

it doesnt look like curls anyway, its messy and scrunched up.

and besides, where got time for me to do this perming and all right?

lots of homeworks *sigh* exams nearing! and i really do not like add.maths. i shouldnt have take it at the first place. :(

the good news is, my mum taught me a bit of add maths just now and i finally got it! thankyou mummy!

nowadays national practices are okay. we started late and ended early! really! starting at 2 and ending 1 hour plus later is better than last time staying at the hall for 3 hours+! i dont really have anything to blog now~ just wanted to update it.

maybe i will have something to blog by tomoro? since maria's having an open house! yippee! expect lots of pics with vri low quality cos i'm using my phone. hehehehe!

i do want a camera but NOT NOW. after getting an expensive laptop and then requesting for a camera must be making me one insane person! next time loh~

dont you just love aliens?

guy: what is ur name?
me: lilian!*in a soft voice*(shy mah)
guy: ALIEN???

it did happen before. T_T

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