Monday, February 09, 2009

agony column

i havent updated my blog for days :( and i dont like it.

not that i dont go online or anything but i just dont feel like blogging. nowadays life seems mundane.i really miss 3y so badly! i can laugh out loud in my class without having people giving me weird looks cause the 3y people are already used to my "horse" laugh. :(

in 4s2 they imitated my laugh! *ouch*

HAHAHAAH. its okay lah, i dont really care anyway. as long as my laugh leaves them a deep impression of me. :D

i wish vincent was sitting nearer to me yet, he sat so far from me. we dont talk a lot which is so sad. i miss hitting, bullying and insulting(ok i wasnt that mean) vincent, i miss maria and michee's famous phrase: "is that a woman or a man?"

so far those are the only stuffs im missing.

but its still okay for me.

anyway, im so sad for the people in my class.

today in school during english period, we did an english compo which is called "agony column".

we were suposed to write about our problems,be it real or not, your choice and then let the person sitting beside you give the answers to your probs.

i took a peek at some of their compos and oh my, some were so sad. :( for example, family stuffs, not being able to grow well etc

im so mean to see their private stuffs! T_T

i know i know, some may not be real, but SOME seemed real. poor people~ i thought they looked really happy in real life, who knows what happens behind...

i am trying to understand people more nowadays, i hope i wont hurt them much with my words. yes, im trying to be a people pleaser. this sounds corny but, if i see the people who are close to me happy, then i'm happy. :D

but i dont get it why, sometimes when im trying so hard, why cant they just give me back what i had given to them? is it because i dont realize it or i'm just being too sensitive?

AH! im writing another english compo here! sorry sorry~

BORING i know. but ITS MY BLOG! :P i blog what i want here!


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