Monday, February 23, 2009

25th national day!


HAHAHA. i do not know how to say this in english so i used malay okay. (: not to mention, its an islamic country so its better to use malay kan? and also cause i wore very malay-ish today.




tsk tsk. i rmbered ranting about how tiring national practices are, boring, making me darker etc etc but i now really wish that we could have at least ONE last practice again. :(


i did a lot of errors while dancing in the stadium today. :X shit man. i hope it didnt ruin the whole scene. when everyone's fans were supposed to be down, mine was still up and then when everybody is standing up, im down.

nevermind lah, people make mistakes. just learn from them. :)

anyway, i regretted being so fecking shy this morning. WHY ARE CANCERS BORN TO BE SHY? i wished i wasnt that shy.

SIGH. i wasnt brave at ALL. i just regretted my actions. got a chance and i just completely missed it out. you wouldnt believe how i was feeling...i felt so stupid. like a complete idiot. i still cannot believe that i missed out this opportunity. i mean if i had do according to what michee and my heart tells me to, maybe things will be different now. totally different.

perhaps even feel HAPPIER THAN EVER!

i think maybe that's fate. let fate decide then....

seriously. i really hate myself this morning. HATE HATE HATE MYSELF so badly.

however, after a few hours of moping, hiding under my blanket, thinking about my stupid actions, lied on my bed...

im recovered. :D (but not fully yet)

LOL. i know, took me only a few hours, but hey, better than being sad the whole day.

im still sad but i dont know why, im feeling quite content.

okay, i will stop all these blabberings and go on to the pictures right.



i wished i had a needle beside me that i can pop the colourful big balloons! HAHAHAH. i called it balls at first. dont get kundur-minded okay!

Jaywen is stunned by the beauty of my dad's phone. :p

group picture! oh. me in a tudong. T_T i just realized i look like a kid here, NOH?

we are happy people ^^

jaywen and maria

esty and jaywen

lol at jay's expression xD

michee and jay

why only me looking here one? tsk tsk.

now when all of them are looking face is hidden. blame vincent bah! lousy photographer okay!

HAHAHA. pearl looks so cute here. vincent looks like a delivery man. as for aaron and weeising..they're just posing.

right after the dance was over and uh...singing thingo, they released this whole lot of small balloons into the air! IT WAS SIMPLY GORGEOUS. so pretty right?

edited. ps: zoom in to get a clearer view.

our coachie, hj ismail. wonder why he doesnt wanna smile in this pic huh? he was very happy to take pictures with us ah! dont think he's reluctant to do so!

looking at the coach's pic reminds me of someone....just imagine. if it wasnt for my stupid mistake, i would prolly have one more pic to share. *tears*

AH...i really wanna do this national dance once more..can you believe it? its gonna be march soon. TIME PASSES TOO FAST.

that's life to the fullest. :)

oh well...i'm now sad about my mistake once more. so i will just end here.

despite having to wear a tudong and all, sun, tired, it was a great opportunity to be able to take part in this huge event.

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