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sorry sorry. i do want to blog, but was too tired to. nowadays, i have practices (for the national day) and it really leaves me feeling tired and moody. i mean we have school in the morning, and then practices in the afternoon! Thankgoodness, i dont have lots of homeworks like the people in s1! i pity you guys! :(

still, i managed to blog today! probably because i had a good night's sleep yesterday.

anyway, what do you readers think of the movie, Titanic? yes, the movie starring Leonardo Dicaprio and Kate Winslet.

i know i know! Romantic, touching, sad, passionate..etc right?

Well, for me there is one part which i seriously seriously DISLIKE! its the part where Rose Dawson(Kate) left Jack(Leonardo) to die! She didnt literally let him die, she just dumped him into the ocean bcause he was already dead? But isnt that sad when she pushed him into the ocean? Can you imagine his sad sad cold freezy body fell flat on the ocean bed? T_T

I mean Rose could have just left him there at the wooden plank, then get down from it and asked for help!

Like, she could go use the whistle, ask for help from the patrol guards, come back and save Jack! Maybe Jack isnt dead yet? He's just sleeping because it was too cold? Like who knows right? Even if HE IS dead, she could keep his dead body for momentum kan?

SEEEEEEEEEEE! HOW WRONG of her to throw him into the sea!

"But Jack so heavy, if she dont let go of Jack, how she get down from the wooden plank and ask for help neh?"

Aiyoh, its cold outside the ocean right? So Jack's hands must be cold, then turned into ice hence both of his hands will be stuck on the wooden plank. Though i doubt why Rose can shift away his hands so easily..

How about that the fact that Rose didnt die because Jack asked her not to? I WILL DIE! T_T (HAHAHA just kidding) I mean Rose should die with him! Just cos she made a promise with Jack not to die etc, doesnt mean she shouldnt die! Its not like he knows or anything! Die with ur lover! however, its kinda stupid to do that, but LOVE oh~who knows what it can make people do right?

Such a sad scene for us. The good thing is, it makes us cry. So i guess its a good part!

Remember Jack said one phrase to Rose? ITS SO SUWEEEET! :D

"Meeting you was the best thing that ever happened to me"

I cried when he said that! :')

I know, sounds a lil old for you guys, but never too old for me!


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