Wednesday, January 21, 2009


i am really pissed at the service of the workers in KFC. seriously, how rude can they be?

i know im being pissy and whiny and all, but really. this is intolerable. i HATE rude waiters/waitresses as mentioned in my profile AND feck those shits. their main aim is to make money right? why cant they be nice and earn money at the same time?


it all happened when i was in this kfc outlet at kiulap. and my gosh. i went in, stood at the counter, waiting for the feckers to take my orders, and wow. none of them come over. i mean its not like the counter is closed or something, its just they dont bother to take my order prolly because i look like those type of people "without parents = order less = no money"

YES RIGHT? either that or they're being racist or something like that since the workers are mostly malays.

"urm, lilian, why cant u just get their attention or something? call them at least. maybe they dont know."

i mean like, they SAW me. both the girl and the bastard. when the girl came over to my direction, i thought she was gonna take my order *relieved* but nah, she was playing with her nokia phone and fixing her tudung.

wow. what a nice gesture. the guy obviously didnt help much either. both the counters were empty. noone was there ordering except me waiting for the very-hot-NOT handsome guy to take my order.

he looked at me and then turned away. cannot come over is it? walk a few steps very tiring huh? go home and sleep and suck ur mama's thumb!

at that point i feel like going to him and say this.

me: excuse me, why cant you come to me? must me come to u isit? *sweet voice and then give him a punch to his blardy head*

that would feel so good.

i was really pissed by that time so i made a lot of angry gestures, like speaking loudly in a horrid voice, rolled my eyes several times to the shits and oh! i also bang the door, but their door is those push and pull kinds so they dont make a noise or anything. :(

argh. i know i know, i need to get over this thing and not be mad over these small stuffs like the last time when i complained some kid took my 20 cents and all, but thats just me. i dont like it.

and when i dont like, i hate it.

but i feel so much better now after letting this anger out. ^^

i love blogging.

and my goodness! i cant believe it type this out while im chatting.

27} lilian. says:
he seems very hepi

hahahaha. i used hepi when i was in form 1 and form 2. but i changed. i used full words now, well only for some.

and cny is around the corner! wooohooo! im happy for it! i cant wait to wear my cny clothes *hahaha sakai*

niways, what made me more happier is we dont have national practices for the weekends! :D

theyre giving us a rest. however, its not like i will be here for the practices since im going back to sibu on saturday.

and im bringing my very very very sexy lappy with me and im gonna show if off to all my cousins. *grins*

"see no touch" ;)

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