Friday, January 16, 2009

separated at birth?

for jaywen,


so whachu think? do they look alike? for me, i think only the hairstyle matches. (seems like Joe has been secretly taking hairstyle tips from Nicholas Teo ey?) THE face, NAH. its pretty obvious aint it?

No doubt, i prefer Joe Jonas! Not saying that Nic is not handsome or anything, but he isnt as attractive as Joe! Sorry!

btw, my THIGHS ARE KILLING ME! Must be from yesterday's national practices and P.E lessons! they hurt so badly! its like this kind of "suan suan" feeling, and when you squish the back of your thighs, it hurts a lot yet if feels so awfully good. weird, but its true.

i had trouble walking too! and also, today i had to run because i was late for my piano lessons! so while im running to my piano school, i keep on blurting out "OUCH OUCH OUCH!" lol.

at least its recovering now! :D yeay! i dont have to look or walk like a pregnant lady now! trust me.

walking like a pregnant lady = not good

sure, you can get lots of stares, weird stares that is.

oh, and also i saw a singaporean actress today eating at a food court and you know what? i act like nothing's happening. YES! she was just sitting one table in front of me! and me being the stupid stupid shy self, didnt take a pic with her! everyone act like nothing's happening! i dont believe noone knows who she is! she's quite popular man! :(

but nevermind lah, she's not my favourite actress or anything. now if its the JB's then its a totally different situation.

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