Monday, January 05, 2009

school life

as you know, school HAS already started.

its the same thing over and over again, wishing for school to end faster, and then during the holidays, wishing for school to RESTART! i guess that's life. ;)

all i can say abt school is = TIRING


HAHA not much of a big deal but seriously, that subject is SOOOOOOOOOOOO boring man. and no, im not gonna tell you which subject it is.

OHOH Miss Ong wanted to repaint our class bcause she hate the pink colour walls! WOOHOO! i mean as in US painting the whole class or hire some workers? Im not sure, but it would be really fun to repaint the whole class! I LIKE winter green! or maybe dark rich purple! Sabena wanted it black! Too emo sab! ;)

overall, school life's fine i guess? i dont even know anyone close IN my class except for sabena and vincent?


i still miss the holidays...

ps: mr kenneth chin's fav colour has got TO BE PINK! i mean that was his class last year, hence the pink walls. hmm, i still rmbered the first time he teached me RK, he wore PINK.

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