Friday, January 02, 2009

its the start of a new year


i know its a bit late for this, still..

OMG. time passes so fast..i mean its funny, it was just like yesterday yesterday was 2008, then now its a new year. and somehow, i feel much more older. dont you feel that way? as the years passed, we all grow up and we will change a lot. be it either more mature or kiddish or selfish.

well, i feel more mature. *proud*

HAHAHAHA. yes but nah, i still wanna be immature and all. you have to connect with your inner kid self sometimes mah.

OH OH! yesterday,on 1st of Jan, just the start of a new year, i went and get contacts for the first time with michee! What a ngam time! :D Oh my, CONTACTS are so hard TO PUT IN, but so easy to take out!

im not sure whether im sensitive to it or not cause it feels normal yet, it feels like there's something in my eye, a while comfy then later itchy, i mean WHAT IS THIS?


overall, for the comfort zone, i SO prefer glasses. glasses are so much easier to wear than contacts. i mean all you need to do is just wear it on, that's all. but for contacts, you have to clean it everyday adjust it blablabla.

i bet you all must be like, "then dont wear lah"

but wearing glasses on functions? yeahhhhhhh. nice. or how about wearing glasses during your big wedding day? HELL cooool right? NOT.

that's why.

when i first wear contacts today, IT FELT SO GOOD but later on, it gets really frustating, cause there are so many steps to be followed. im just hoping i will get used to wearing contacts. :(

the lady optician who taught me how to wear contacts was so patient and nice. :)

i KEPT on trying to put the contact into my eye but it just wouldnt go in, and not to mention, i dropped it several times on my lap, cheek and even on the mirror stand! SEEE! but the nice lady didnt even complain or anything, she smiled and just pick up the contact with a tweezer and then clean it for me. AWWWW! such nice assistance.

UNLIKE, one shop at mall, *roll eyes* WHY NOT I JUST TELL YOU WHAT THE SHOP NAME IS. its the hiphopz something whatever. the saleslady was like "*YAWN*LAMBAT eh!" AND in front of michee again. i heard the yawning but not the "lambat eh" while im in the dressing room. i mean TRYING clothes of course take time. its not like i spent the whole HOUR there in the changing room right?

IN A HURRY ISIT? THANK goodness i didnt buy anything from there. *smirks*

after buying the contacts, me and mich headed over to the mall cineplex and watched bedtime stories.

it was like mich said "so-so". its the same old plot, guys dont fall in love with the girl he wanted at first, villian loses and becomes the lousy servant something like that, he gets the dream job...

I MEAN. something different would be real cool.

but it was funny lah. I REMEMBERED i LAUGHED AT ONE PART! the part where he got back his wallet and all, i was like laughing really loud and noone was laughing. -__- SO PAISEH. not funny meh? i think its funny boh!

anyway, last Wednesday, darren teo threw a small little new year party! mostly, people from 3y went. it was FUN! the ghost stories jeremy and maria told were the best part! I AM so pissed at jeremy! HE didnt want to tell the ending of the story to me just because i asked a lot of questions! >:(


niwaes, pictures!


THIS IS PURE LUCK. i joined them and you know what? first round, I WON! YES. SO HAPPY. earn $3! at first i already confirmed that i didnt wanna play again if i won BUT KNS, the greediness inside me wanna win more! WHO ask that smelly vincent to lure me?!?

he was like, "PLAY again lah, who know, you win more?" with that cheeky look!

AND i thought he was right. AND yes, i LOST. but its okay, i still have $1 left! ^^

micheee! she won a lot that night! CONGRATS!

just resting on her shoulders

look at bruce. what does he remind you of? and no he is not adjusting the volume whatsoever. he's watching tvee.

JAYWEN! (my eyes are closed) FAILED SHOT.

cannot see jaywen. failed!

finally, can see both of us and no closed eyes!

another shot (:

and another~

ew, i hate me in this pic, i mean like what am i doing?

the maria!

YOU know what? i am CHAI SEN YEH! YOUR LUCKY CHARM! CAUSE that time maria kept on losing $$$$, but then when she was playing angtiam, i helped her pick a card and YES. :) SHE WON! :D my hands are magic~ DONT ask me why i lost. maybe my luck was fading?

vincent: BIG thumb anyone?

i saw this agreement my mum typed out. and IT WAS SO FUNNY. its for my bro btw.

i have one too. >< AT FIRST I WAS LIKE, "RAMBO?"

yes, im wearing contacts. and no it doesnt feel comfy, it feels like theres something in my eyes. (i know i know my eyes are very far apart)

very WORDY post right?

so, till here then.


ps: no i wont be changing my skin. (:

pps: and thank you MICHEE for telling me how to use contacts and all, i mean if it wasnt for her, my eyes would be infected by now. THANK YOU! and everyone, it pays to have friends who wear contacts (:

pssst jaywen! :P

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