Saturday, January 03, 2009

i want fe-ttu-ci-ne!

hey peeeps :D

I was checking out my stats today, and holy moly, YESTERDAY visits WAS THE HIGHEST OF ALL that i've seen in my whole three years owning this blog! :O

VERY show-off i know, but seriously! OMG! :D haha, thanks for visiting peeps!

anyway, yesterday i went to Orchid Garden Hotel for some new year celebration. at first,i wondered why i didnt see anyone I KNOW at all and then baru realized it was a *coughs* gangster reunion. okay, maybe to be more nicer and professional, lets just call it a people-who-collect-money-reunion. (:

i saw a lot of macho big bulky dudes wearing dragon printed shirts with tattoo on their hands and legs, and women and men who smoke at the hallway. and yes, I WAS TERRIFIED! :S

but they're still people right? and i did not do anything that offended them except by looking at them several times?

and phew, I HATE smoke! Smoke stinks, i mean it gets on you everywhere, ur hair, ur clothes, and NOW i have to rewash my hair again!

the good thing was it wasnt boring and the food was GOOD TOO! I like the entertainment. *chuckles* esp the part at the end where people was asked to go up and dance! i saw lots of old men dancing and IT WAS seriously funny! just imagine old-men boogie dancing! YEAHHH!

i was vain at the lobby, and i absolutely love the antique mirror! :D oh, and the flowers too!

btw, that belt im wearing was the belt michee helped pick for me! is this green and pink? :/

i dont know why im making that expression okay..

i was suppose to take a pic of that chandelier(sp?) with me in it but failed.


edited :)

just recently i received a fax which is about the PWM ICC academic thingy, and hoo,i accidentally saw the pri 6 thingy and saw minimum of "4A's and 1B" and to think of it as the application for the form 3 students, i started screaming with joy, and then..


it was for primary 6. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

i hate being suckered.

OH, i was reading michee's archives, and HAHAHAHA! and it reminded me of the funny words we used last year.

1] shakala bom bom
2] astaga! :O
3] kanga-kanga ROO!

NOT FORGETTING, MICHEE michee rmb maria falling from the bouncer thingy at bruce's house? or maybe mr bronie falling off from the artificial snow mountain calling after my name?
i miss T_T

and when i see everyone changing their blogskins i feel like it too! so copycat yeah~

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