Tuesday, January 20, 2009

cute kiddies and having babies!

national practices. are KILLING ME. it leaves me feeling so tired, moody(hmm...was i?) and gives me muscles strain!

last few days, my thighs hurt a LOT. i guess its because i havent been doing hard exercises for so long. however, its fine now. feeling so much better. :)


nowadays, i find kids realllllyyyyy adorable! not that i dont find them cute last time, but i find them simply irresistible now! last time was only like, "oh cute." now's like, "EEEEEEEE! SO KUYUTE! *_*"

i especially love the kiddies i saw in school this afternoon! AW. i love it when i see little boys disturbing little girls, playing with them, hand in hand with their best buds, staring into the glass doors watching us dancing, etc.

MY GOSH. what's cute even more is when i see coconut heads kiddies! WHAT! dont you think its suit kids so much? its like the perfect hairstyle for kids man.

somehow, i pity some kids who sit and eat alone at a corner during recess time...awwww. its okay. they will somehow make friends sooner or later. :)

seeing how engrossed im into kids, i will definitely have kids when i grow up. maybe around 2-3 kids. more than that? i dont think so. giving birth is not easy. dont you dare think its as simple as shitting.

speaking of giving birth, dont you feel curious...


dont gimme those stupid science stuffs. "oh, bcause they dont have ovaries, bla bla"

i read from the bible and i realized maybe(MAYBE ONLY AH)its because of what Eve did. is it because Eve tempted Adam to eat a fruit from the tree that God warned them not touch?

Maybe. God was furious at Eve so He made her suffer pain by making her able to bear babies and having what US, FEMALES have to go through everyday. (i dont need to clarify this dont i?)
doesnt it make sense? now if its Adam who tempted Eve, maybe GUYS would be the one who will bore babies. personally, i find this a bit weird. *coughs* guys are however GUYS. LADIES are always ladies. so maybe females are the more suitable ones to have babies.

still, its unfair.

HAHAHA. but i do not want to go any further. LOL. i dont really like bringing female stuffs up. i'll keep this as a secret. *shh*

some pictures taken using the cam of my gorgeous pink vaio! ;)


i look weird here, anyways just showing the raindrops

dont mess with me

this frame is so cantik!

*shrieks* MY GOSH, im on a mag cover? yeah....


till here then.

ps: xiaxue's latest post about the abusing dog thingy is SO fecking funny. read it. my goodness. i love it when she bitch about people. she makes it sound so interesting.

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