Sunday, January 11, 2009

bunny hills


pictures were taken yesterday in chms. i was there for the christmas/new year annual dinner. michee gave me a free ticket! :D thank you butch!

michee doesnt like the flash.

she HATES the flash.

PS: when i zoom in, i can see the outline of my contacts! WAHAHAHA xD

hellu jaywen!

see maria's pretty curls?

yes,maria you have been photoshopped!



i did kissed her! :P NO BIG DEAL LAH!

dark, but its okay, i like the lights.

my gosh, jaywen looks so scary! heck, it still looks nice!


maria lifting her chin up? (noticed her hoopies? i feel like pulling them down! WAHAHAH)

kissy but maria's not doing it :( shes smiling!

NOW WHEN im smiling,maria's giving the cold look. but what a sexy cold stare. LOLL

first attempt

and a nice picture in the end! maria wants someone to share spit with her! JKJK check out her tongue!


this was the "burst" pic btw, but im lazy to upload up the "failed" shots.


emo emo, and i fecking hate my face from this angle! i look so wide!

doing the bimbo style

i like this picture. prolly cause of my expression. :p

sorry sorry, i spoiled the picture by smiling too wide!

last picture and i think maria's telling me: "that GUY is staring again!"

IM DONE IM DONE! *overjoyed look*

yes, it took me a very long time to rearrange,edit,and upload this pictures. BUT IM DONE. :D

anyway, i went out today and took passport pictures along with my brothers. when i got the pictures back and look at it one by one,the only picture i laughed at was my bro's(dexter) pictures! HAHAHAHAHA FECK IT WAS SO FUNNY.

my dad's reaction: you see, you see! like paikiah one!

I THINK it was SO fecking funny! IT DOES LOOK LIKE a PAIKIAH(gangster). prolly cos of his squinty eyes and his no-smile option.

sorry, my picture is not funny. it looks like how i NORMALLY look yeah.

i think they altered the pimple at my nose! i have been photoshopped! :X LOL. but its a good thing, really.

you know, i really need to change my hairstyle as it looks so bland. :( but i will change it prolly after a few months later because i just straightened my hair.

intro a nice hairstyle to me if you readers think it suits me! :D

okay, till here then. i have to do maths now. I HAVE TO ACHIEVE MY AMBITION of becoming an interior designer! YEEHOOO!


OH NO, i forgot to upload the pics of JOE JONAS! :P or as maria said, "Zhang Dong Liang" LOL LOL LOL next time k! 0:)

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