Thursday, January 08, 2009

annoying little pests

you know what?

i think the FLY is the most annoying INSECT EVER!

dont you agree? I especially hates it if i open my window for a while and then, that pesky little thing just flies in and stays in my room LIKE forever.

imagine having to hear the "BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ" sound especially when you are trying to sleep.

and dont you think it kind of understands us human being? trying to challenge us and all by flying in front of our faces and making again the annoying "BZZZZ" "BZZZZ"

and sometimes they even fly in our mouth or nostrils in public! i mean are they deliberately doing this just to embarass us and all? or how about when you have a delicious hamburger in your hands and you saw a fly buzzing around it, of course you swat it away right? no matter how many time you chase it away it keep on coming back and then if you NEARLY hit them, they would prolly attack you by flying in front of you!

SO, do you agree with me now that flies are so pissy? URGH. i mean i hate it! and they look ugly too.

my gosh. im sure almost EVERYONE have ever seen a fly before, but not that close view right?

EWWWWWWWWWW imagine seeing this near view. *barfs*

im sure i make a better fly. *prasan* HAHAHAH

so far, the FLY is in my HATE list. but i dont like ants. cockroaches are okay i guess? if you dont disturb them, they wont disturb you. HOWEVER, for flies, even if you dont kacau it, it somehow will find a way to piss you off.

anyway, school life's fine. :D

i like my class cause like everyone's so nice and all. HAHAHA! but its still the beginning so im not sure what will happen in the future.

the teachers said, "dont compare yourself to 4s1! dont say they are the smarter class etc"

BUT LIKE DOH. of COURSE they are the smarter ones. people who goes in get A1 for maths and A1/A2 for science and have a minimum of 6as! MY GOSH. and the teacher told us not to compare with them T_T

and i just realized i got b3 for computer because of my computer project! T_T NOOOOOO just cause i forgot abt the soft copy for the logo thingy!

hais. what's done have been done.

oh, btw, im in badminton club. i dont know anyone else there except for aaron chong? Dont leave me alone there! i dont mind joining badminton club, but the problem is i dont know anyone who's joining it. :(

and I have been tricked by JAMES today! he gave me an electric shock using his chocolate bar? LOL. yes its just like the chewing gum trick where you try to take out the gum and then "shock" But a choco bar is a really good idea, i mean can like who can resist not excepting chocolates if people offer them right?

actually, at first i didnt know that it was an electric shock, just felt that my thumb have a stinging feel.

okay. till here then!


ps: we're having lab coats! o.o i know! matrix in the making?

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