Friday, January 23, 2009

adios peeps


im not sure whether i can connect to the internet in sibu using broadband, but if i can, i blog! if i cant, i play with my sims 2! :D

is sims 3 out for sale in Brunei yet? if it is, i bet it's expensive. the first time sims 2 was out for sale i think it costed about $30(for the copy) how about the original one?
$100 plus? :X

anywayss, IM SAD because NOONE TAGGED. T_T

very very saddddddddddddddddd

IM SERIOUS OKAY. HOW CAN YOU REGULAR TAGGERS DO THAT! *wails* where have all of you guys go? *sniff* i sound so desperate.

-change of topic-

about cny, i will be gone for a week! im so worried for my PLURK! i do not want my karma(points) to drop! if you dont update it everyday, it would drop! im serious!

hope it doesnt drop too heavily. T_T

and i hate my phone now! why is it so crappy kah? now this reminds me of WHOEVER-THAT-SOMEONE-IS who stepped at my phone and broke the screen without even telling me! im pretty sure when they broke the screen, for sure got sound one! HA-HA-HA. it costs bloody $50 to fix it. thank you whoever who spoiled it. curse YOU!

just because of that, my phone started to lag like hell even if there werent many pictures songs etc, it starts to shut down by itself and icons started disappearing!

YES. i am sad. bah, nevermind lah *go stares at the laptop*


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. i dont want a new phone or anything. i still like my old phone, i only had if for about 2 years only. im not those type of people who change phones everytime okay :)

NO offense to those who do that and of course not referring to anyone in particular.

OH, before i go, i wanna show you my very pretty sims 2 character!


Levi Dru Hessithas.

i know its nice~ *wink winks*

but she's pretty, yes? i will post up more pics of her next time, not now, cause her pics are in my lappy and my lappy's being charged now.

till here then.

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