Tuesday, December 30, 2008

now im speechless..

i decided to make this post a picture post. i dont really have much to say, well, particularly because im freaking tired. its about 1 am plus, and i really need some shut eye so i will just continue to blog but in a very quick way.

DID i mention that my parents saw A "MING XING" in taiwan?!?

fyi: mingxing=celeb

YESS! SHOW LUO! well, pardon the word "saw" they only heard people calling his name "xiao zhu xiao zhu" and they also saw a long queue(probably an autograph signing event) HAHAHAA i bet you guys must be like "small matter" Its not often that we get to see celebs you know! :O

But i dont really care much about Mr Luo cause im not a big fan of him. harsh i know, but that's the fact.

also, MY mum hurt me deeply. she said that the taiwan girls are short, probably same height like me. ME SO SHORT MEH? >:( i can still grow you know!

btw, my miri grandma went back. I MISSED her so much. :( really.... (i cried and i knew it will happen)

oh, my sibu grandma came over. confusing i know. miri grandma went back and sibu grandma came over. simple as that. :p

anyway, the pictures. i really like typing, seriously. maybe next time, im in a sleepy mood.

this was taken a few days ago, probably on the 28th.

jerudong beach is by far the most gorgeous beach in Brunei. i mean muara beach is not as attractive as it. by attractive i mean the scenery. probably most people prefer muara is because of its entertainment. i certainly prefer jerudong beach more. i like the rocks, the seashells, the everything! :D


jerudong beach anyone? ;)

my cousin came over to my house today for a sleepover and we got really vain. GIRLS~

the pictures below taken was in a "burst" moment so that's why its blur. BUT I LIKE IT!

the trying-to-scare-but-failed pictures

eyes shut but check out my cousin. :( shes smiling.


EMILY HAVE TO stop laughing!

she infected me with her contagious laugh! but i have to admit, this pic's really funny. :p

all smiles


another goofy

someone bursted out laughing and spoiled the moment.


i like this! check out my hair, man ;) but what's WITH THE WRINKLES ewwww! AND I LOOK OLD HERE! :(

i know you dont suka my teeth.

then it was make up time.

my cousin's my model. ;) putting makeup on people certainly is much easier than putting it on urself.


and the AFTER.

tell me whachu think. before or after? (yes, i styled the hair ;))

i joined in later. im lazy to apply eye make up on the other eye. its hard to reach. hence it will be weird.

im vain. SOOO?

emily: eh why you smile with teeth?
emily: no!
me: T_T

I DONT CARE! I WILL STILL BLIND you readers with my ugly teeth!

i likey this too

this may look funny, but nah, i didnt kissed her face. my face just touched hers.

ahaha my couz looks fat here. HAHAHAHAHAHA sorry emily! :P

okay! that's all for now. i will blog more and TYPE more next time!

and its funny how i dont really have anything to bitch about.

WAIT i have one!

okay this is gonna sound really racist and all but will malay people STOP looking down on chinese people? I mean WHAT is ur problem? just cause you're in brunei doesnt mean you can do anything you want you know. YEEEESH. dont be rude to us jsut cause we're chinese and yellow faced.

*CURSE FAT LADY in blue baju kurong to become fatter*

why you may ask? it was yesterday night at a restaurant, this malay fat lady was rude to my little brother by making the "eyyyyy" sound and frowning her ugly fat face.

my little brother blocked her way by accident and ITS NOT like my bro block her every AVAILABLE WAY. its not a "one way" only corner okay?!? she can always use the other way to walk! I MEAN so lazy for what?

and OMG. she didnt even bother to say "EXCUSEEEEE ME" ? EXPIRED? THEY CAN ALWAYS USE THAT CANT THEY? i feel like shoving her head into the buffet table that time. i mean that's such a cool thought.

urgh. that is why sometimes i really AM racist. and you cant blame me for that.

okay, till here then!

ps: im just writing down my opinions here, so other malay fellows, dont be offended yeah. :)

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