Thursday, December 25, 2008

MERRRRRY christmas everyone! (:


well, actually, merry belated christmas cause its now 12 something. :( sadly, i didnt managed to wish before 12 cause i was a lil busy uploading the pictures taken in maria's house. BUT STILL! i did manage to wish! :)

and have you noticed that its the first time i wished "merry christmas" on 25/26th december in this blog? yes, i owned this blog for 3 years! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BLOG! random, but lets continue, so usually, im overseas but now im in brunei wishing everybody merry christmas! that's really unbelievable yet, exciting.

you know how christmas is suppose to be nice and all? well, NOT ALL IS NICE. people seriously cant even bother to be nice during christmas just for once! like queue UP PLEASE? anyone forget the "Q FIRST"? this morn, some lady deliberately cut into my line and think that i wouldnt mind or something. URGH. i feel like asking santa to spank her! MEANIE.

HMPH. but cant let that ruin my christmas right?

anyway MARIA'S christmas eve party WAS THE BOMB! LIKE THE BOOOOOOOOOOMB! everything's great! especially *coughs* *coughs* maria, michee? ;)

lets move on to pics, its getting wordy. :p

before going to maria's house, i went to michee's house first! her mum brought us shopping and all, but we didnt buy anything. michee's mum wants her to buy bras but michee says NOOOOO. :P

*dont kill me*

what girls DO for guys:

i tried to use that however i didnt know how to, so yeap. afraid it would clip my eyelids. brr :X

mich: AHHH the flash is so strong!

vain with the hats

vain 1

vain 2

vain 3

then it was pictures with mich's adorable dogs! but i only took pics with dolly. michee said snowy's too heavy.

aint she cuyutttteeee? those eyes O.O

oh dolly look here!

her body's long yet babyish..

off to maria's house later...

at first, me and michee were really shy, slowly, we loosen up.:P

oh! maria's christmas tree is gorgeous! i forgot to take a pic of it! daym! the guests there were really nice. shaking hands with us and all. now that's the christmas spirit!


lag much?

mich: im sure my face is not in there!

me: isit? *starts postitioning*

kissssyyy except for maria! :p

failed pic. :P

BETTER! but then i look unhappy here. CHRISTMAS SEASON WOOO!

i didnt take this picture. 0:)

noticed that arrow? WOOOOOOOOO, that guy's a german! :D HAHAHAHA sakai much. to tell the truth i dont get to see angmohs much in real life so i find them fascinating.

i know someone will zoom into this picture. i wonder who! VIJAAAAYYYYYYYYYAAAAAA :P

maria's joining in :P notice the christmas tree? zoom in!


jiayee's looking playful and perhaps, im constipated? ate too much :p

bling bling YO!

michee's hands decided to join in the bling!

testing the floors? (:

*sighs* emo

miss black legs EMOOOOOOOOOOOOOO :( my legs look pretty skinny in here

i only managed to get this one picture after 12am from mich which is this.

popsss* AHHHH xp

also,pics from my galpal outing with mich and mar. this was at mall. a few days ago.

testing the arcade's imitation neoprints thingy

michee's always posing. :)

AHH THATS ALL. im gonna miss everything. *sighs* michee and maria ARE SO FUNNNNNNNY! i love every minute hanging out with you guys. it was the BOMB. the laughters, rolling on the floors, stomach cramps, happy tears, pranking one another, joking about guys, everything!

TOO bad we're not gonna be in the same class, but so what? not like its gonna stop us from being friends or anything.

love you guys. (:

and also, HAHAHAHA ALL OF YOU who knows me or chatted to me before. you guys are awesome too! :D altho, i wouldnt consider all. :p


oh forget.

me: ma, i read from somone's blog that two korean celebs dont do surgery!
mum: WHO?
me: RAIN.
mum: *pause*
mum: no wonder so ugly!

SORRRY RAIN FANS. that's my mum opinion. i never think he's ugly or so. 0:)

okay. till here then. my grandma's mad at me. using the comp too much. wouldnt want my eyesight to increase. i hate BLURRRRRRRY vision. it sucks.


ps: i will update more i promise. (:
pss: thanks to all who wished me merry christmas. and i have ADOBE photoshop BACK! :D

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