Sunday, December 21, 2008

IM BACK, peeps.

behold the toothless me.

OMG It feels like forever since i last blogged! heh!

AHH, i have lots to blog but i dont know when to start! OH YEAH! since everyone is rambling about the pmb results, i will tell on how i know my results.


so..on 13/14 th december, first thing when i woke up in the morning, i broke a mirror! yes *gasp* then, i forgot to bring my phone when i go out(i never ever forget to bring it) AND most suprisingly later (my left eye kept on twitching by itself) so i KNEW my pmb results must be out!

when i reached home, immediately i msg maria but i think she was busy cos she didnt reply, so i msged jaywen. and she replied, "yes, pmb results out."

and then the sad news come :( my results are not what i wanted it to be but anyway, what's done have been done. first thing i did when i got my results is "breakdown and cry"

YES I CRIED. :P i still dont know why i cried. emo time. *sigh*


oh yeah! my mum brought me fantastic gifts from taiwan! :D *show off moment*

SHE ACTUALLY BOUGHT BOOTS FOR ME. oh man. i am like so HAPPY! i cant believe she actually remembered that i told her i wanted ankle boots! tq mum!

one cant be choosy can they? :S

AND AINT THIS PHONE HOLDER CUTE? eeee! so huggable! :P i feel like a kid but who cares. we're only young once you know!

and here's something i'd like to show off:

a really expensive lipgloss from..


sounds familiar? OH COMEON. yes yes, im bragging. :) that's what my grandma gave me for christmas. still a little early, but never too late for it.

okay, some of you may think i did my braces already. HAH. wrong-o. my teeth is still in the growing process so i will have to wait till next year. but its okay! cos if i put my braces already, i cant eat hard food for a week or so! i cant live without hard food(chicken)!

speaking of braces, the job which i will NEVER EVER do is being a: DENTIST. YES.

how come i made such a decision? read on. :p

my little brother's tooth(molar)'s condition was real bad so we took him to my dentist. HAHA. we had to lie to him that it was just a check up, no injection required! and YES, HE SCREAMED LIKE SHIT when mr dentist plucked his molar! (more like a girl's scream)

THAT'S WHY ONE SHOULDNT be a dentist. however, DONT listen to me. be a dentist if you want to be. i cant imagine a world without a dentist. *gasp*

anyway, i will stop here k. i dont really rmb what to blog about but i do know that im going out with my girlpals tomoro! HAHA.


till here! maybe i will do the surveys and stuffs later at night.


ps: i forgot to mention one really important thing. MY COMPUTER DONT HAVE ADOBE PHOTOSHOP CS. *scolds vulgar words* but the good thing is my mother's mother is coming to live with us! :D YIPPEE! i love my miri grandmother. :)

pss: i will post more pics some day later.

"no matter what colour we are, yellow, chocolate or white, the blood in our body will always be the same colour. RED!"

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