Sunday, November 23, 2008

pity us :'(


reading the blogs of sab and michee really made me miss my friends a lot and also, made me realized how much fun i missed! :(

I SO WANTED TO BE THERE! but wait for me, i will be back by mid december! and by that time, i must party till the wee hours! okay, that was lame.

HAH, anyway, brushing my teeth was really hard. i had to be careful not to aim my injuries. if not, they will start bleeding. i cannot imagine meself getting braces because i remembered the doctor said "your teeth is complicated" HUH! O.O I WANT nice teeth! really, having a nice teeth could change ur appearance a lot!

actually, the main reason im blogging now is to give a message to everyone.

dear darling people who have dogs and know how fierce they are to strangers, please pity us poor people and lock them up and remember : always CLOSE UR GATES. (:

urgh, before i continue: can the person beside me stop shaking his legs?!?

Okay. done, lets continue, the reason i gave that message is, because me, myself and i has been personally "nearly" close to death. why you may ask?

its because of the dogs that nearly killed me! you know, those dogs that will stand in front of you and bark non-stop and then, coming closer and closer and closer?

T_T am i that easily hated by dogs?

no lah, dogs detests strangers. but trust me, if you know your dogs are creepy and really really HATE strangers, please lock them up and shut your front gate. some owners purposely one isit?

go open their front gates BIG BIG and let their BIG CREEPY SCARY dogs attack us?!? i think to show that their dogs are not to be mess around with and you know, to create drama. they just love seeing how easily intimidated we are is it?

WRONG. that makes people more scared, and who knows, ur dogs may scare the elderly and cause them to have heart attack, and that time, you will be arrested and accused GUILTY of causing a person's death. sigh. so do pity us, and lock ur ferocious dogs up.

unless you have a dog that's cute and friendly and loved by everyone, yes, you may open ur gates and let ur dogs wander around saying "hello" to us. :D

man, i was walking around my neighbourhood and then suddenly, i saw this really big and creepy orange coloured dog barking loudly at me. of course i turned around and walked away. but i did it in moderate steps and how stupid of me to turn back! it came nearer and wanted to chase me!

maybe you will ask: "um, what if they are stray dogs?"

okay. that is forgiven. but i know that big orange dog aint a stray dog, because i saw its owner coming out of her house to play bball. she didnt bother locking up her dog. i swear, if i got hurt,I WILL torture her by bringing ten fierce kitties to scratch her skin off! WA-HA-HA-HA! (on second thought, how am i gonna find that much kitties and wont those kitties kill me first?)

YES. DOGS CAN KILL PEOPLE OKAY. didnt you watch "see no evil"? those hungry dogs "ate" the girl. EWWWWWWW.

ah, that ends it.

however, that wont change my love to dogs. i do like dogs! they're so irresistible! :D certain dogs = i dont like.


have i mentioned how HOT shayne ward is? *droooooools*


sorry sorry for lack of pics. be patient. heh. and maybe i will post up pics of me toothless.

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