Tuesday, November 18, 2008

it pains me!


sorry! sorry!

and plus, the kl trip was cancelled :( more lies,i know! sorry!

because doing braces is very expensive and if plus, the kl thingy will cost me me a lot! (actually,my parents) yes, i did do checkup in this dental clinic(malay one) since a lot of people said the doctor was good, so yeah.


and...it didnt hurt. :) okay, it did hurt, but not that pain lah. only the injection part hurts! but i love it when the nurse touched my face to hold it in position so that i wouldnt budge when the doctor tried to pluck my tooth out. her hands felt real cold and soft. ^^

i have to come back in about 3 weeks later so the doctor can check and see whether my teeth is growing normally, and mind you, its milk teeth, that's why it doesnt hurt.

AND T_T yes, i still have milk teeth. while plucking my teeth:

me: *ouch* *OOOOWWW*EEEEE*
doctor: *giggles*

very funny. that injection bloody hurt.

hm, also:

i straightened my hair! and the red highlights look more visible! the best part i like about hair straightening is: washing your hair.

dont it feel so suan kuai ah? esp when the woman massages you and then lovely cold water starts running down your hair. ah~

there's a lot of pics i wanna post up but my kns phone wont let me post it up. the usb cable need the cd something like that and i dont have it! (i think i lost it) DAMN. SO MANY PICTURES, but cannot be posted up. it pains me. :'(

the pple in miri are..okay, the workers here are kind of rude. i dont get it, its like they like to stare at you for a LOOOOOONG time with that "big eyed look". and also, they forgot this phrase huh : "customers are always right" and one of my own, "customers FIRST". one time in this particular supermarket, i wanna poo, and really need to, i went to the toilet and the woman(worker) told me there's someone inside. so i smiled and waited patiently. finally after about 15 mins, a man came out and the woman just now went into the toilet to wash her mop.

she could tell that i really need to do the deed and i was mad, but she didnt care, she continued cleaning her mop, pail while talking to her friend. HA HA HA. and then when she came out, she didnt even look at me one bit.

I AM A CUSTOMER, HERE! >< style="font-weight: bold;">ps rachel: you know, i thought i saw you at miri in this park(you know with the bridge and all) but then, nah it wasnt you. :P

and plus, i look like a vampire now cos my teeth just wont stop bleeding and my cottons are gonna be used up.

I M so gonna cry when the braces are put on.

maybe i will regret....

NO LAH, giving birth more painful!

and feck, my teeth HURTS A LOT NOW. *wails*

ok, i gtg now. just wait for my pics. TATA.

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