Sunday, November 02, 2008

highlights :D

guess what!

i got highlights for the FIRST TIME EVER!

WAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! im like so happy can? cause i cant believe i actually did highlight my hair. LOL LOL LOL

another wish completed! :D

i did not highlight the whole hair, just a few streaks. i had a hard time choosing the colour and all, but in the end, i chose something sorta like red mixed with a lil purple. mostly its red. lets just call it purple-red-ish.

the whole process was so COOOOOL! imagine. its my first time doing all this stuffs! HOW can i not be excited yet thrilled at the same time?


the colour's not that obvious in pictures, but in real life it is. guess you peeps will just have to see my hair in real life. : darn. maybe i should have chose light blonde? neh,i still love this colour!

red = hollis! PERFECT.

here's some pics. as i say, its not obvious. :/

that thing behind me is so freaking hot that it probably did some tanning for my neck. vitamin D!

results! :D

heh heh. can you see that colour?

okay, this is more visible.

too bad i have to dye it back to black when school reopens. but its fine with me. two whole months is a long time for me!

my hair is not natural anymore! :( its been chemical-ized! thanks mummy for letting me do this!

my dad didnt notice. AW COME ON. maybe he did but he just shrug it off?

my brother said, "you ah, for sure will kena catch by councillor one!"


im happy happy! next step for me is probly to get braces and do something with my hair. *winks*

i love holidays.

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