Monday, November 03, 2008


you know what's irritating and unforgivable?

a person who destroys your sleep! actually, lets make it "destroyed my sleep".

YES. there's this bastard who called this morning and me,being the person who cannot resist answering a phone call, answered it. at first i thought if i ignored it, it would stop. instead, it kept on ringing non-stop! ANNOYING LAH!

so yeah, i answered it.

me: hello?
man: can you please open your fax? (in a polite voice)
me: okay.

at first, i find him weird cause MY FAX MACHINE, do not need to be opened. it will just fax papers out itself. so i just ignored him.

so i went back to sleep and HE CALLED AGAIN. I was alone at home bah! that's why! i know, i know, you can say "just ignore it lah!" but what if its important? or some documents that need to be signed? i dont want to be murdered by my parents for that!

second time.

me: he-LLOO? (started out softly then loudly)
man: can you open your fax?
me: already!
man: please open your fax!
me: okay okay. (cannot tolerate him anymore, just agree to what he says)

EITHER he doesnt know english or he's mentally retarded. FECK MAN. didnt i just said "already???" imagine lah, you kena woke up by some stupid stranger who doesnt know english and then you want me to be all nice and bear with him? i absolutely hate people disturbing me when im trying to sleep!

OH HO HO. but this trauma havent end yet.


me: YESSS? (this time cannot tahan liao)
man: CAN YOU PLEASE OPEN YOUR FAX? (ma der, why so MARAH?)
me: ALREADY! I already opened it! okay okay i open!

this time i shut down my phone! by shut down i mean, closing the circuit. B)

WAHAHAHAHAH! KANASAI. you think listening to ring tones very nice is it?


he's really stubborn. just fax me the "thing" then, dummy! YEEEESSH. maybe i should have told him carefully what brand my fax is..etc..etc..the system. bla bla bla. DOESNT he understand? my fax machine and his are different!

*scolds vulgar words*

chill. (:

right, i will go play some dress up games now!

ps: MICHEE! hamsters are really cute. EEEEE! AHAHHAHA im still thinking about "the paw" get me?

pss: see! aint i blogging regularly nowadays? ^^

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