Friday, November 07, 2008

come waddle with me

i THINK im going miri tomoro, and probly im gonna stay there till mid december.

while there,

i can get my braces! ^^ HAHA PLEASE DO NOT PLUCK MORE THAN 6 TEETH, MR/MRS/MISS DENTIST! im pretty excited about the braces thing, ah, who cares about the pain! i think braces are super coool!

and another good thing is, my dad's gonna bring the whole computer system down to miri so i can use the internet there! and also, i will be attending a wedding banquet and, ngam ngam, i can wear my new heels! (ah, feck, so prasan)

AHH, finally, a holiday with lots of events. im also going to KL sometime in december. *winks*

but there's disadvantages too. no HBO OR STARMOVIES at my grandma's astro! (she doesnt understand english) T_T NOVEMBER GOT ALL THE GOOD MOVIES SHOWING OUT YOU KNOW?!?

nevermind, i will stick to playing play penguin!


NO, its not childish. its super fun and its cute! come waddle with me and make new friends! LOL

ah, im in a cyber cafe now, and what's funny is the girl sitting beside me is AH-ing over hot korean guys. pretty hilarious actually.

okay. till here then. bubbye!

ps: sorry michee! i wont be in brunei on your birthday(for the third time again!) so SORRRY. i will get something special for you okay. :)

meanwhile, you guys can play this if you're feeling brave.

Exmortis 2

Click here to play this game

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