Sunday, October 12, 2008

white pearly boobles!

cause pmb's coming, i will stop blogging for the time being. (which i already did earlier)

just trying to inform you guys. (:

im not really scared of pmb which is a half good half bad thing? partly because, if you're stress it doesnt solve anything and if you're too cool about it, which is aka "over-confident". not a good thing. :

you know what's weird with me? i can lust over someone without seeing the face "clearly". as in without staring into that someone's eyes. OMG HOW WEIRD CAN I GET?

but heh heh heh *goes into lala land* its an awesome feeling. (:

okay. you dont get what i mean dont you? nevermind..i ll just post up a picture before i end this post.

bubbles are so sweet and gorgeous.


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