Friday, October 31, 2008

suweeeet escape


say hi to this evil-eyed-kitty!


you miss me?

of course YA DO!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! just kidding.

*breathes in and out*


okay. i have to stop saying vulgar words. its mean. :> SO PMB'S OVERRR! and it passes so fast! im serious. i didnt whine about how long pmb is or anything, i just get on with it, and it just finished so fast!

OH my. one word. BLISS. no more late night cramming in stuffs into my brain, no more form 1 2 3 books, no more! WOOOTS! but there's still form 4 and 5 so..mmm. yeaaaaaah.

THE BEST THING about it IS, its holidays! :D rmb in my previous posts, i said i am going to go on a vacation as soon as pmb is over, well. not that soon. its gonna be postponed to december. hey, i'm fine with it, cause probably we're gonna get our pmb results in between november or early december, and if the results are GOOD, vaio laptop! *wink winks*

so its worth it. :)

and there's gonna be lotsa fun tomorrow! US, 3Y are gonna have a beach party! but my mum doesnt let me use her camera which is such a pity, cause camera take beach pictures much better than a camera phone. oh well.

anyway, i changed my skin again. HAHAHA. at first i didnt want to, but then you know me, every two months i must change it no matter what. i get bored with skins easily. its just a simply made skin. I KNOW, i know, its the same font, the same design, however, i used pictures this time and the colours are different. SO its all good.

meanwhile, i really need to get some rest. its pretty much late now and tomorrow i have to wake up early. aw.

well blog more next time!

BYEEE! and I WILL not be on hiatus. :D i will try my very best to blog everyday okay!

one more good news, i will be getting braces soon! HONEST. no more hearing comments such as: "lilian have you ever thought of, um. braces?"

AW. come on. :P

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