Saturday, October 04, 2008

nailcutter pervs



i cant believe i havent blog for 6 days! *shocked* its cause my computer conked out. back to the old sickness- restarting then after a few minutes, shut down by itself. WEIRD COMPUTER!

AH ANYWAY, I HAVE LIKE LOADS TO BLOG ABOUT OKAY! but im gonna start bit by bit.

firstly, i went to a cyber cafe to blog. yeap, my comp's still in the repair shop. :(

what else? oh yeah. i went to have lunch at yayasan alone. *smirks* it can get real lonely without any companion. just when it couldnt get any worser, two dudes sitting near me were TALKING non-stop! softly's fine but like super loud okay? THIS IS NOT A KOPITIAM, yeeeeeeeeeeeesh!

i kept on giving them deathly stares but they ignored it and continued talking loudly than ever! OH MY GOSH, why so degil one?

then after a while, one of them took out a nail cutter and began snipping his nails! EWWW! Not to mention he's doing it in a restaurant! REVOLTING!

wait. "revolting,sickening,disgusting,yucky and just plain ewww!" remember maria? ;)

he cut his dirty nails in front of his food! who knows if pieces of his nails shattered around his food or drink. it better not land anywhere near my dish! look on the bright side afterall, he will prolly eat his itty bitty nail pieces and choke to death! *does chucky's evil laugh*

alas, he looked healthy. :/

those two dudes were perverts. they talked to any girls sitting next to them EXCLUDING me alright! i wasnt sitting next to them anyway. two tables away and still, their voice can be heard loud and clear!

PERVERTS SHIT! mostly girls they talked to prolly think they're hot! sick! *takes a barf bag and v0mits*

well, one of the dudes do have a strong muscular body! the face aint!

i will stop here then.

blog next time and with pictures! real wordy i know.


p/s: one guy at the cyber cafe is eating keropok secretly! I CAUGHT YA!

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